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Jerusalem intifada

  • Paying the price for Netanyahu's religious war

    Lacking any ability or will to deal with the political stalemate, Netanyahu has a vested interest in presenting the current situation in Jerusalem as a showdown between radical Islam and the West. Who will pay the price? By Yael Marom The latest clashes at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the death of Israeli Alexander Levlovitch as a result of Palestinians throwing stones at his car, have awoken the Israeli media and the prime minister. They tell a very specific story: Palestinians have come together to ruin the Jewish New Year. Why? Perhaps they have something against apples and honey. [tmwinpost] But like…

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  • Why do they throw stones?

    Nearly every discussion on Jerusalem in the Israeli media revolves strictly around stone throwing and Islamic extremism. Yet not a single word is said about the occupation. Only in Israel can one speak about an intifada without mentioning the occupation. Only here can one change the IDF's open-fire regulations without addressing what soldiers are doing on Palestinian land, with who sent them to walk around neighborhoods and cities, and for what purpose. Stone throwing has made headlines once again this week, and the entire establishment went into a craze over the question of "how do we deal with this?" Facebook…

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