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Jeremy Corbyn

  • A guide to an anti-capitalist, non-Zionist Passover

    A hilarious new radical Passover Haggadah by the London-based Jewdas collective provides Jews across the diaspora the opportunity to hold their own alternative seder. By Michal Zweig and Aaron Kaiser-Chen A Jewdas Haggadah (Pluto Press, 2019) Fraught with Ashkenormativity, punctuation and spelling irregularity, and all-around anarchy, the Jewdas Haggadah has arrived this Passover, just as Jews around the world are feeling a rise in right-wing movements, anti-Semitism, and white supremacy. Sometimes, in the face of hatred and terror, it’s good to have a laugh and take the piss on Jewish establishments, which continue to prove ineffective and reactionary. [tmwinpost] Meet Jewdas. Readers may recall this…

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  • Yes, Corbynism poses a threat — but not to Britain's Jews

    Smearing Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite has become a popular hobby among members of the British establishment — perhaps because what he stands for is a direct threat to their ideological and economic interests. By Matan Kaminer Last week, Haaretz columnist Anshel Pfeffer accused UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being both anti-Semitic and stupid. He is wrong on both counts. Against enormous odds and powerful political enemies, Corbyn has made a case for socialism that has enthused millions of people, a case that may well bring him to Downing Street soon. He has done so by building a multi-colored coalition that welcomes…

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  • The new Jewish-Arab movement that plans to save the Israeli left

    Standing Together, a new joint Arab-Jewish movement, is aiming to transform Israeli politics. It won't be easy, but the Israeli left's first step back to power might be believing that it can win again. The Israeli left is in the midst of an historic crisis. Out of power for over 20 years (with the exception of Ehud Barak’s brief and fractious stint as prime minster), Labor is now headed by a millionaire telecommunications executive who once served as a minister under Netanyahu. Meretz, the dovish, social-democratic party, barely made it into the Knesset in 2015. The peace camp is fractured…

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  • Meet the radical Israeli looking to lead Britain's Jewish students

    A radical, left-wing British-Israeli has shaken up the race for the next president of the U.K.'s Union of Jewish students, and drawn international media attention. Eran Cohen talks BDS, diasporism, and being wounded by unfriendly IDF fire. By Matan Kaminer The election campaign for president of the U.K.'s Union of Jewish Students is not the kind of story you'd expect to be picked up by the international media. But Eran Cohen, a British-Israeli and a radical leftist, is not your usual kind of candidate, and his campaign has generated headlines in Jewish outlets in the U.S. and Israel. [tmwinpost] With political…

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  • What the Left can learn about anti-Semitism from Ken Livingstone

    Why would the senior Labour member allow himself to be dragged into a debate about the Holocaust while his party is bending over backwards to fend off accusations that it is teeming with anti-Semites? By Gilad Halpern Ken Livingstone may not realize it, but he has done the progressive left a great service. Livingstone, a veteran UK Labour Party politician and former mayor of London, was suspended from his party on Thursday for saying in a radio interview that Hitler was a Zionist. For his party, still reeling from a series of mini-scandals involving unsavory statements about Israel and the Jews,…

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