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Jamal Abdel Nasser

  • Banning the Brotherhood: What next for Egypt’s Islamists?

    Months after it was unseated from power, it is unlikely that the Muslim Brotherhood will defeat the military in their current standoff. To end the conflict, both sides will need to move toward a power-sharing solution. By Gillian Kennedy From Cairo to Damascus, Middle Eastern politicians and populaces are keeping a watchful eye on the fate of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Last month saw a decisive development in the soap opera world that is Egyptian political life. A court judgement declaring that Egypt’s first democratically elected group is now officially banned. But what does this mean for the behemoth Brotherhood? The…

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  • Just another interrogation: My encounter with the Shin Bet

    For one Palestinian citizen of Israel, interrogations by the Shin Bet are a routine which include delays and harassment for no apparent reason. By Awad Abdel Fattah I was fortunate this week. I had a quick and easy crossing from Jordan back into Israel. No delays, no questions, no invasive body searches and no lengthy rummaging through my luggage. The border guard sitting next to the computer took my passport, opened it and looked at the screen, presumably to check for any special alert. Unlike previous occasions, she didn’t leave her seat and disappear into another room to take instructions on…

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