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ivory coast

  • Israel's newest national project: Ridding the country of 'foreigners'

    The distortions in Israel's asylum system ensure a refugee recognition rate of zero. Not only does this place asylum seekers at risk, but it exposes what appears to be a concerted effort to overhaul the system so as to deport as many people as possible. In an article written a decade and a half ago, Dr. Sandy Kedar described the manner in the 1950s in which the courts participated in the national project to take over land held by Palestinians. This transpired through a series of rulings that altered the laws pertaining to the statute of limitations on acquisitions, as…

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  • South Tel Aviv stories: A single working mom without permit

    Who are the migrant families that reside in south Tel Aviv and face the constant threat of deportation? Who are the refugees struggling to survive? South Tel Aviv stories brings you the lives and faces of the non-Jewish, non-Palestinian "others" who live in the shadow of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and whose lives are impacted by Israel's goal of maintaining a Jewish majority. The first part in a series.  For some reason, the woman smiles at me as I interview a pair of Eritrean refugees. Though her skin is fair and she is freckled, I guess her to be Indian. She…

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