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Ivanka Trump

  • 'You never told me': Confronting American Jewish myths about Israel

    A group of young American Jews are challenging the the institutionalized myths they were taught about the Jewish state in classrooms, youth group trips, and summer camps.  By Emma Goldberg U.S. anti-occupation movement IfNotNow released its “Liberation Syllabus” last week. Crowd-sourced from teachers, students, journalists, and rabbis, the syllabus offers a collection of resources — from picture books to nonfiction, cookbooks to podcasts — that Jewish institutions can integrate into their curricula to offer more balanced and just lessons about the occupation. [tmwinpost] The syllabus is part of IfNotNow’s “You Never Told Me” campaign, in which alumni of Jewish summer camps,…

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  • We are all accomplices to Israel's massacre in Gaza

    There has been no outrage. We all let this happen. But it is not too late to speak out. As of writing this, 52 Palestinian unarmed protesters in Gaza have been shot dead by Israeli snipers on Monday, and 2,238 have been wounded, over 1,000 by live ammunition, according to Gaza's Health Ministry. Among those killed are eight children under 16 years old. The hospitals in Gaza are at breaking point, and cannot treat gunshot wounds as they pour in. The number of dead and wounded is likely to continue to rise. [tmwinpost] Since March 30, when the Gaza protests began, 101 Palestinians…

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  • A Palestinian mother’s open letter to Melania and Ivanka Trump

    On the occasion of Mother's Day in Palestine, one Palestinian mother discusses how teaching tolerance is becoming more difficult as American policies sow more divisions and violence. By Dalal Erakat Raising kids in Palestine is exhausting — not just physically but also mentally. For as soon as kids become aware of the reality surrounding them, at around the age of three or four, every Palestinian mother must find explanations to help them comprehend what’s going on around them. [tmwinpost] Even a simple trip from the West Bank to Jerusalem requires a strategic plan, especially after Mr. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem…

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