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  • Settler who attacked leftist rabbi: 'If I kill one it'll be over'

    The young settler charged with attacking Rabbi Arik Ascherman blames human rights advocates for causing tension in the West Bank: 'If I kill one of them it'll be over. But that isn't legal.' The Jewish extremist accused of attacking Rabbis for Human Rights president Arik Ascherman last month was charged in court two weeks ago with causing grievous bodily harm and possession of a knife and ammunition. The youth, 17 years old, is suspected of assaulting Ascherman near the settlement of Itamar as the rabbi was assisting Palestinians with their olive harvest. Israel's Channel 10 news conducted an interview with the suspect, himself…

  • A personal thank you to Bibi, Obama and AIPAC

    I just wanted to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Barack Obama, and AIPAC leaders throughout its history for killing the two-state solution last year. Thanks to your never-ending efforts, I will now have to live in one state not only with disgusting Jewish supremacists, but also with nauseating Palestinian ignoramuses like these: I can't wait for the love-fest to begin. Really.

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  • Government Press Office doing PR for the settler movement

    It seems that every state agency in Israel is becoming a tool in the effort to further colonize the West Bank and deepen the control over the lives of Palestinians. Soon after the government reached an internal "deal" with the settler movement that would keep the families who settled in a so-called "illegal" outpost on the ground, the Government Press Office - once in charge of handling press cards and other bureaucratic duties - is now engaging in propaganda efforts on behalf of the settlers. A few days ago, the foreign press corps received the following mail, inviting members to an…

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  • Motty Fogel: Grief shouldn't be used for peace or war

    Translation from Hebrew: Dimi Reider Motty Fogel, an Israeli journalist who lost his brother, sister-in-law,  nephews and niece in the terror attack on the settlement of Itamar, spoke yesterday at the joint Palestinian and Israeli memorial ceremony organized by Combatants for Peace. He shared his speech with +972. When they offered me to speak at this ceremony, I  almost immediately said yes. But when I began thinking about what I'll want to say, I couldn't come up with anything but battered ideological cliches. I tried to think what was it that made it so difficult, and at some point I…

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  • Solving the Itamar case does not justify the means the army used on Palestinians

    Now that Israel has in custody two people who admitted to committing the murder in Itamar a month ago, I received several comments demanding I "update" my post on Awarta, meaning retract on the allegations in its last few paragraphs. I really don't see a reason why. Hundreds of Palestinians were arrested and interrogated without due process. Such "investigation" would have never taken place were the suspects Jews. The legal system in the West Bank is purely Apartheid: One law for Jews and another for Arabs. The fact that alleged killers of Palestinians from Itamar were never located is further proof to that…

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  • Israel: Itamar murderers have been found

    According to Israeli media, two Palestinians from the village of Awarta admitted killing five members of the Fogel family a month ago This text was updated. According to unconfirmed reports from a rightist Israeli site, the Israeli army has two Palestinian suspects in custody,  Amjed Awad and Hakim Awad, who have confessed to the brutal murder of the Fogel family in the settlement of Itamar last month. The website, claims that the suspects have confessed to murder during interrogation and re-enacted the crime for investigators. These reports are not confirmed, but the Arabic language news site, Ma’an is now carrying the…

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  • Two hospitalized following Awarta raid

    Despite Israeli media claims that a breakthrough in the murder investigation of the Fogel family is close, the village of Awarta continues to experience collective punishment. At about 2 AM on the night of 13 April dozens of soldiers entered Awarta as they have been for the past month. Soldiers targeted two homes, which were raided using force, arrested two men and caused the hospitalization of two women. Two houses were raided by Israeli soldiers in the middle of the night tonight at the West Bank village of Awarta. The soldiers entered the houses violently, knocking down the doors and…

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  • Why are the security forces detaining hundreds in Awarta?

    Former IDF Chief Rabbi calls for collective punishment of Palestinian villages in the West Bank In 1990, I was serving as an operations sergeant in the Dir El Balah – a town in the Gaza Strip – in the so-called Civil Administration. On Rosh Hashana of that year, a reservist soldier named Amnon Pomeranz made a fatal error and took the wrong turn. Instead of reaching the Buriej military camp, he reached the Buriej refugee camp. He panicked, drove backwards too fast, and ran over two children. He drove blindly forward, and the vehicle hit a road. An angry mob formed quickly, started throwing…

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  • Breaking the Silence 1:0 NGO Monitor

    NGO Monitor – a group specializing in haranguing Israeli human rights organizations – must be really scraping the barrel. Consider the following exchange between them and Breaking the Silence. 16 March 2011 To: Ms Dana Golan, Director Breaking The Silence RE: Your comment on a statement by Yonathan Shapira, made during a Breaking the Silence activity Dear Ms Golan, On 15 March 2011, the NTD television channel ran a report on a tour of Sweden by Breaking the Silence. The report featured an interview with organization representative Itamar Shapira, who said. "We are the aggressors. We are the ones violating…

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  • The Voice of People: Not always what you expect

    The attack in Itamar on Friday night brought out some of the most vicious sentiments among Israelis and Palestinians, and between Israelis on all sides of the many political divides.  It’s appalling that some people have justified/won't condemn the attack on children, or that others support collective reprisals against Palestinian communities and expanding the occupation as a response. The nasty attacks by the advocates of each position on people who do not agree with their perspectives is just as bad. It is deeply upsetting to realize that we have trained ourselves to dismiss those with whom we disagree. This is…

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  • Unbelievable racism, hate-talk, from Prime Minister Sharon's son

    Following the murder at Itamar, Gilad Sharon, son of PM Ariel Sharon, published this piece on Israel's most important tabloid, Yedioth Ahronoth. It pretty much speaks for itself. The only thing that needs to be added is that recently, the young Sharon has joined Kadima - a supposedly center-left party led by Tzipi Livni. The article was translated and posted in English on the rightwing Israel National News (Arutz 7) site. bold is mine: Gilad Sharon: PA Nationalism is Only an Offshoot of Zionism by Gilad Sharon Let us not forget with whom we are dealing here. You can take the wild Palestinian beast…

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  • The Itamar victimization dance is disgusting

    Why I fail to be impressed by the wails emanating from the religious right, in four points The strange call for denunciation: My colleague, Dimi Reider, wrote a sensitive post, calling upon leftist activists to denounce the massacre in Itamar. A list of leftist organizations – from Peace Now to Rabbis for Human Rights – have already done so, as did the Bil’in Popular Committee against the Wall. I must say I find this demand strange. It plays straight into the hands of the right-wingers who say the leftists are responsible for the Palestinian struggle; it dances awkwardly with Ariel's…

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  • The activist Left must condemn the murder of the Itamar family

    (updated below) Late on Friday night, a Palestinian militant scaled the fence of the settlement of Itamar, south-east of Nablus. He made his way to one of the homes and climbed in through an open window. The first room he encountered was a nursery. He paced in and plunged a knife into a sleeping three-year-old toddler. Still unnoticed, he made his way to an adjacent bedroom, where he found and slayed an 11-year-old boy; then, finally arrived at the master bedroom, where he stabbed and killed the parents along with a four-month-old baby girl. The father's body was found in…

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