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Itamar Marcus

  • Palestinian incitement: Genuine problem or right-wing dream?

    It's not uncommon to hear Israeli leaders accuse the Palestinian Authority and its media outlets of inciting to violence against Israelis and Jews. But is it actually true? A closer examination of the evidence reveals that the habitual blaming of the Palestinian Authority is not only mostly unfounded, it is the product of a direct line between right-wing groups and the Prime Minister's Office. By Yizhar Be'er (Translated from Hebrew by Miriam Erez) John Kerry’s arrival in the region and the looming “threat” of a final-status agreement have compelled right-wing leaders to pull out the old canard of “Palestinian incitement.”…

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  • Judge dismisses credibility of Palestinian Media Watch testimony

    An Israeli district court judge metes out scathing criticism of Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus's expert witness testimony on incitement in Palestinian media, in a civil case against the PA and its leaders. Marcus's testimony, Judge Dalia Gano wrote, was incomplete, biased and unworthy of the title "expert witness testimony." By Oren Persico / The 7th Eye (Translated by Sol Salbe) The Palestinian Authority and its leaders voiced incitement against Jews and Israel, but they are not responsible for a shooting attack that killed an Israeli. That was the ruling three weeks ago by Judge Dalia Ganot in Tel Aviv-Jaffa…

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  • Palestinian textbook case closed, but more trumped-up Israeli charges expected

    This week's publication of a U.S.-funded study cleared the Palestinians of charges that their schoolbooks 'demonize' Israel. This was not, however, the first hoop they've been made to jump through, and it won't be the last. The Israeli and U.S. Jewish establishment reaction to the terrible news that the Palestinians don't demonize Jews in their textbooks reminded me of the long-forgotten uproar over the Palestinian Covenant.  Same bullshit. The stout-hearted nationalist Jews in the U.S. and Israel were saying in unison, "How can we ever trust the Palestinians to make peace when their covenant talks about ''liberating all of Palestine'?"…

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