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  • For Jerusalem police, even directing traffic is a form of terrorism

    One of East Jerusalem's most prominent political activists was arrested for supporting terrorism — while trying to solve a traffic jam in his own neighborhood. Israeli police arrested a well-known Palestinian activist in East Jerusalem earlier this week, accusing him of encouraging drivers to run over Israeli officers while he directed traffic in his neighborhood. [tmwinpost] Muhammad Abu Hummus, one of the most prominent activists in Issawiya who has been documenting the daily police incursions into the neighborhood over the last several months, was arrested on Sunday after uploading a video of himself guiding a Palestinian driver through a traffic jam. Abu…

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  • In one East Jerusalem neighborhood, summer vacation has become a war zone

    For children in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, summer vacation means dodging rubber bullets and watching their fathers and brothers arrested and humiliated every day. By Yuval Abraham At the entrance to Issawiya in East Jerusalem, eight children are laughing as they chase one another in circles. I take out a camera and a few of them begin to gather around me. The oldest of the group is 13 years old, and tells me that they are playing “Jews and Arabs.” Do you know it? She asks. There are two teams: the Jews shoot at the Arabs and the Arabs throw rocks.…

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  • In East Jerusalem, nightly raids leave Palestinian neighborhood reeling

    For the past six weeks, Israel has been sending paramilitary police forces to raid the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya every evening. The raids, a severe form of collective punishment, have left one young Palestinian dead and hundreds wounded. By Aviv Tatarsky It's 5:30 p.m. and some 10 large police vans rumble into the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. The next few hours will follow a strict script: the vans stop in a central place in the neighborhood — a mosque, a commercial area, or a main junction. Dozens of paramilitary police officers roll out and stake out positions around the block.…

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  • Israel deports 14-year-old girl to Gaza — without telling her parents

    Ghada had spent her entire life in the West Bank, yet somehow found herself deported to the Gaza Strip after being arrested by Border Police officers. Israeli authorities deported a 14-year-old epileptic Palestinian girl from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip earlier this month, without notifying her parents, and despite the fact that she has never lived there a day in her life. [tmwinpost] Ghada, who was born in Ramallah where she has lived much of her life, was arrested by Israeli Border Police officers on January 13 for being in Jerusalem without a military permit. She was traveling…

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  • WATCH: This is what it looks like when Israel demolishes your home

    Israeli authorities demolish homes, car repair shops, and businesses in four different East Jerusalem neighborhoods — in a single day. By Eli Bitan Hundreds of Israeli soldiers, police officers, and municipal inspectors made their way to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya on Tuesday mornin, to demolish two large apartment buildings, an agricultural business, and a store. [tmwinpost] Muhammad Abu Hummus, a resident of Issawiya and a member of the neighborhood's popular committee, witnessed the demolitions. "Hundreds of soldiers arrived at 4 a.m. and evacuated the building. This is a building that has been standing for 10 years, and over the…

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  • Police admit arresting Palestinian man to prevent him from protesting

    Police arrested Muhammad Abu Hummus to prevent him from peacefully demonstrating against the Jerusalem Marathon — then lied about it. By John Brown* In March of this year, Israeli police arrested Muhammad Abu Hummus, a resident of the village Issawiya in East Jerusalem, where he serves as a member of a community organizing committee. He was arrested along with two other residents for alleged disorderly conduct. At 4 a.m. on March 18, approximately 20 police officers arrived at Abu Hummus' home and took him to the local police station for interrogation, even though a simple summons would have sufficed. The police, however, did…

  • Dispelling the myths about building in Jerusalem

    In Jerusalem, construction of Jewish neighborhoods continues unabated, while Palestinians are still struggling for basic infrastructure. By Aviv Tatarsky There is no construction freeze. As opposed to declarations by right-wing politicians such as Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat or Education Minister Naftali Bennett, construction in Jerusalem was never frozen, while the cranes and bulldozers keep working tirelessly in the city's Jewish neighborhoods located beyond the Green Line. Thousands of housing units in Gilo, Har Homa, Ramot, Pisgat Ze'ev, and Ramat Shlomo. These not only provide housing for Israelis — they establish facts on the ground in order to make partitioning the…

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  • WATCH: How a single checkpoint affects an entire neighborhood

    Ever since the eruption of the latest round of violence, the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya has been essentially blocked off from the rest of the city by a single checkpoint. Dozens of residents, along with students from Hebrew University and members of Knesset, held a demonstration calling to open the checkpoint and end the collective punishment of 16,000 people. Read more on the situation in Jerusalem: ‘East Jerusalem youth no longer distinguish between life and death’ Jerusalem becoming mini-police state and ghost capital

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  • WATCH: Barbecue at the checkpoint? Why not

    Following a wave of stabbing attacks in Jerusalem, Israeli security forces erected checkpoints and barriers at the entrance to many of the city's Palestinian neighborhoods, causing untold hardship to the vast majority of residents who had nothing to do with the violence. How would you feel if you found infantry officers holding a barbecue at the checkpoint sealing to your neighborhood? Read more on the situation in Jerusalem: 'East Jerusalem youth no longer distinguish between life and death' Jerusalem becoming mini-police state and ghost capital

  • Israeli forces wound two small Palestinian children: Where's the outrage?

    Israeli security forces shoot two small Palestinian children with 'less lethal' bullets — one in the head, one in the thigh. The Israeli media barely notices. A five year old. An armed, uniformed Israeli pointed a gun at him. And shot. A kid not even old enough for first grade. I haven't seen any reports on this in English and the few I saw in Hebrew were scant and focused primarily on the incendiary, racist comments posted by Israelis on the photo of Abu Ali that went around Facebook. Things like, "too bad they didn't take him out," and, "if…

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  • WATCH: Protesting collective punishment in East Jerusalem

    Israeli police regularly shut down roads in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya following clashes there, in what amounts to collective punishment on the village's entire population. That is the message residents had for police: we just want to live. Stop punishing us. More on collective punishment in Issawiya: Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis protest collective punishment in East Jerusalem WATCH: Police spray putrid water on Palestinian homes, schools

  • The story behind the viral 'apartheid' photo

    Recently, a photograph made waves for its apparent depiction of the disparities in the treatment of Israeli and Palestinian minors. This is what happened to the boys in the photo, with a strange twist involving an Israeli soldier lost in a Palestinian village.  By Avi Blecherman (translated by Hadas Leonov) The following story is going to make your jaw drop, as it demonstrates the absurdity of this place, a reality beyond any imagination — especially if you are a Palestinian. This is a story about a family in Jerusalem who encounters the police three times in the span of a…

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  • WATCH: How Palestinian land becomes an Israeli national park

    Issawiya, a crowded Palestinian village situated on the slopes of Jerusalem's Mount Scopus, is home to 23,000 people. The municipality is planning to build a national park atop land belonging to the village, rather than building schools and infrastructure that would benefit its residents. The Palestinian residents of the village aren't taking the decision lying down.

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