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Israeli workers

  • Turning Israel's port workers into public enemy number one

    In May of this year, Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett devised a plan to replace port workers with IDF soldiers in the case of a strike. Not only did Bennett’s spin make for a dangerous contribution to the ongoing incitement campaign against port workers, it also fit neatly into the racialized way the majority of Israelis view them. By Yossi Edry (Translated from Hebrew by Noam Benishie) “Code Name 1981,” screamed the headlines, revealing Minister Naftali Bennett’s plan: “The military is to replace port workers in the case of a strike.” It was the boldest yet step in a well-organized…

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  • Cheap commodities: Documenting the struggles of Israel's cashiers

    Tahel Frosh weaves together acts of generosity and economic brutality, paper bags and plastic bags in a deconstruction of the new documentary 'Super Women.' By Tahel Frosh (Translated from Hebrew by Yoav Kleinfeld) *Translator's Note – as the Hebrew differentiates between feminine and masculine in profession names, "Cashier" is always used here in the feminine. The same goes for TV "Researchers," used later as an analogy.  “Super Women,” an important documentary by Ronen Zaretzky and Yael Kipper, chronicles the day-to-day reality of five cashiers working at the Mega supermarket in Ramat Aviv: Nela, the head cashier, Yulia, Mayuchka, Levana and…

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