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  • Arab woman MK attacked by Hebrew media for criticizing army policy

    MK Aida Touma-Suleiman, a female legislator from the Arab-Jewish socialist party, criticized the Israeli army's policy toward Syria, warning that it could escalate to a war that would endanger civilians. In response, one veteran male television news analyst ordered her to 'sit down and be quiet.' The Israeli air force has carried out more than 100 bombing incursions deep inside Syrian territory over the past few years, with little acknowledgement from the Israeli media and without suffering any military or diplomatic repercussions.  Meanwhile, Russia and Iran have deployed military forces in Syria, ostensibly to eliminate the Islamic State but in fact to increase their sphere of influence — at the cost…

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  • Is the Israeli media responding to pressure on underrepresentation of Arabs?

    A new campaign is pushing major media outlets to invite Arab experts to speak on their area of expertise. It seems the media landscape is responding — for the better. By Oren Persico New data reveals that leading Israeli news stations are inviting more Arab experts on news programs, following growing pressure by leading Israeli NGOs. [tmwinpost] According to The Seventh Eye website's "Representation Index," around 40 Arabs were invited to speak about their area of expertise on the five leading Israeli media outlets during the month of April. This was a decrease from March, yet an increase from January and…

  • Saying goodbye to the establishment's anti-occupation journalist

    One of Israel's most iconic television personalities passed away on Friday morning, leaving behind him a media landscape lacking the fierce criticism that Moti Kirschenbaum was so well known for. Elinor Davidov, who worked with him for many years, says goodbye. By Elinor Davidov I am trying to imagine what Moti would say about this Kirschenbaum festival taking place over the last day. He would tell people to go off the air, since, well, what's the big deal? Are we at war? Do we really need rolling coverage? And how many times can we hear and see the very same…

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  • Paving the road for true multiculturalism on Israeli television

    The 'Eyal Golan is Calling You' finale night was a brimming, pronounced and accented Mizrahi broadcast, paving the road for a true multiculturalism and change of viewing habits. Merav Alush Levron on the struggle she partook in to have the finale aired on Channel 2 (and fair play to Eden Abutbul!) By Merav Alush Levron (translated from Hebrew by Noam Benishie) Much has been written over the social networks and mainstream press in the run-up for Eyal Golan is Calling You Finale airing on Israel's Channel 2. Now that it has been broadcast live from Nokia Arena and that we’ve read,…

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  • Contestant boasts about grabbing Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks on Israel's 'The Voice'

    It’s one thing to have a cold relationship between Netanyahu and Obama, but I really don’t think Israel should get on J-Lo’s bad side. Unfortunately, this might happen. A few weeks ago I watched the third episode of the Israeli version of "The Voice" featuring a contestant from Los Angeles, an Israeli called Michael Alhadif, whose stage name is Michael Jade. Now, apparently Jade has been on American Idol, and even got so far as the top 40 (wow!). Personally, I don’t know how he got so far - but I digress. In an interview segment that was shown…

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