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  • WATCH: Israeli band marks Palestinian independence day in new video

    The video for MALOX's new single, 'Gaza Trip,' features parkour athletes performing among homes destroyed during the 2014 Gaza war.  Israeli music group MALOX released a music video for their song Gaza Trip on Tuesday, the title track from their album that came out early this year. The video, according to the group, is a tribute to Palestinian independence day, which falls on November 15, features Parkour athletes from the Gaza Strip. [tmwinpost] Parkour, a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training, has become a big hit in both Gaza and the West Bank over the…

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  • Meet the man who won't let Israel's musical past die

    At first glance, 26-year-old Dudi Petimer may seem like just another guy with a penchant for oldies and a throwback Elvis hairdo. Equipped with an 18,000-strong vinyl collection and endless knowledge of Israeli musical history, Petimer has taken responsibility for preserving the remnants of a culture that never quite made it into the mainstream. By Khen Elmaleh It's difficult for me to remember the first time I encountered the name Dudi Petimer during my wanderings on YouTube. What is certain is that since then, I've seen the name many times, to the point that it has become an inseparable part of my search…

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  • In the diaspora, Arik Einstein defined 'Israeliness'

    As an Israeli who was born and raised in the United States, few things were more important to me than formulating an Israeli identity. It was a strange complex, which, at its core, always strived to be "the most Israeli" possible (and always more Israeli than those who surrounded me). In our expat community, Israeliness was demonstrated in all sorts of way - there was (and still is) an Israeli scouts chapter, Israeli Remembrance Day and Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies, lectures on Israeli culture and history and a plethora of Zionist organizations that worked tirelessly to bring us a culture…

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  • A return of the post-Zionist cabaret

    A successful indie band whose radical lyrics dealt with Israeli taboos - from the Nakba to militarism - is making a comeback.  Photographs by Goni Riskin The basic rules for political engagement in Israel: Yearning for peace is welcomed, criticism of the occupation is tolerated but not really liked, and mentions of the Nakba and refugees are completely taboo. These guidelines are adhered to even in the cultural world: Army Radio will gladly play the Song for Peace, but a tune by a mainstream artist based on soldiers' experiences in occupied Hebron might be banned, and songs about the Nakba…

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