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Israeli hospitals

  • Stop blaming sick Palestinians for Israel's healthcare problems

    The attempt to blame ill Palestinians for the deficiencies of Israel's healthcare system distracts from the fact that there is only one sovereign responsible for the state of medical care in the occupied territories. By Ran Goldstein A recent Israeli media investigation made headlines over the last few weeks after concluding that Israelis in the country's periphery are losing out as a result of Israel's providing medical treatment to Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But these conclusions are manipulative. [tmwinpost] Let’s begin with what should be self-evident under international humanitarian law: Israel, as the entity that oversees the conditions that impact health in…

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  • Israeli doctors refusing to force feed Palestinian hunger strikers

    The Knesset passed a law allowing courts to order doctors to force feed Palestinian hunger strikers. But the doctors, it appears, aren't  so keen on violating basic principles of medical ethics. By Bettina Birmans A human, medical and political drama unfolded over the past few weeks at Asaf Harofeh Medical Center, just outside of Tel Aviv. At the center of the drama were two Palestinian men being held by Israel without charge or trial — Anas Shadid, 19, and Ahmad Abu Farah, 29 — and hospitalized due to their deteriorating medical condition brought on by extended hunger strikes. The pair were…

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