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israeli expansionism

  • For European author, Hebrew culture existed outside Zionism

    Where is the center of Jewish identity? Israel or the Diaspora? Can we have a thriving Hebrew language and culture without a Jewish majority country? World Jewry seems to be standing at a critical junction in history. While more than half of us still remain in the Diaspora, intermarriage will probably tip the balance towards Israel in the next two decades. Ironically, Israel is pursuing expansionist and settlement policies that will most likely result in one state, where Jews will be a minority, the Palestinian population the majority. At the same time, the discourse surrounding Israel’s history vis a vis…

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  • Israel ups demolitions in area critical to future Palestinian state

    Less than two months into 2012, the pace of Israeli demolitions and displacements of Palestinians is already outstripping the same period in 2011. Israel seems to be taking advantage of the American election cycle to push settlement expansion in the E1 territory, which even the former Bush Administration halted due to threat it poses to two-state solution. The Bedouin village of Jabal al Baba (sometimes called Ras al Baba) isn’t the kind of place that makes headlines. In fact, it’s the kind of place that doesn’t always make maps. Located in the E1 area between East Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim—a…

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  • Demolitions in W. Bank villages reflect settlement upsurge

    On Monday, January 9, Israeli authorities shut down "the only road leading to Khan al Ahmar elementary school," the Palestinian news agency WAFA reports. The move came a day after Israel issued a number of stop-work orders in Umm al Kheir.  Both Khan al Ahmar and Umm al Kheir are Bedouin villages located in the southern West Bank, in Israeli-controlled Area C. Israeli authortities blocked the road leading to Khan al Ahmar's school on Monday with massive cement blocks and a high fence in order to keep children from reaching it. According to WAFA, the Palestinian Ministry of Education "condemned the closure."…

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