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  • The economic costs of military rule

    Israelis cannot treat the occupation as something that merely affects them in the eyes in the world while their economy keeps paying a heavy price for its continuation. By Shlomo Swirski and Yarom Hoffman Dishon The social-economic cost of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is spoken about far less than the human cost or the price Israel pays on an international level. And when the social-economic costs do get brought up, the leaders of the economy always stress that this is a relatively small price to pay that have a short-term negative effect on the market. This position only lends to the…

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  • PHOTO: Yair Lapid uses Netanyahu's 'UN-Acme-bomb' at economic conference

    Remember when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a picture of a bomb while talking about Iran at the UNGA? Here's a reminder, complete with excellent memes. Today, Yesh Atid leader and Knesset Member wannabe Yair Lapid mocked the prime minister at an economic conference with a bomb of his own, detailing the tax hikes of the past two years under the Likud's rule. The middle class is exploding The tax rises on the middle class Housing prices: 37% Gas prices: 38% Water prices: 115% Electricity prices: 23% Lapid later went on to draw a red line above them all, implying…

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  • One year on: From social protest to civic economic power

    Last summer's tent encampments were dismantled, but the spirit of the protest lives on. Citizens are taking matters into their own hands, promoting public interests through growing numbers of cooperatives. By Yifat Solel The summer of 2011 was the summer of social protest in Israel. Tent encampments emerged all over the country and one call was heard from every corner – "the people demand social justice." But the summer ended, the court enabled the dismantling of the tents and the only government response was in the form of an economic panel that produced a frail report. The protesters needed a…

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