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  • How a sixth grader from Sderot draws the war

    The Great Flood Collective (Hamabul), a community organization that seeks to use art in dealing with social and political issues, did a comics workshop for kids in Sderot who spent most of the summer holiday in bomb shelters. "We feared that the poisonous atmosphere will be visible in the drawings," the activists wrote on Hamabul Facebook's page, "but what turned out was the opposite." This is a drawing by Ohad, 11 years old: Take another look - it's even smarter than you think. Related: How will Gaza's children carry their scars into adulthood? WATCH: Israelis from Sderot play Palestinians under the…

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  • Our problem with selective sympathy for young victims

    When our sympathy only reaches out to the children of one nation alone, we have condemned all of them to this atrocious cycle of violence. The news spread in a flash. After 18 days of tense waiting, the three bodies of the abducted Israeli boys were finally discovered, with their families’ worst fears realized. Gilad Sha'ar, 16, Naftali Fraenkel, 16, and Eyal Yifrah, 19, were murdered in cold blood, not far from the site where they were snatched as they hiked home together. There aren’t enough words to express the loss of a child. It is a language that only…

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  • Forgotten deportees: Israeli-born children of migrant workers

    While Israel’s current campaign to deport some 700-1500 South Sudanese asylum seekers made headlines around the world, the mainstream media has neglected another ongoing expulsion. Originally published in The Daily Beast's Open Zion. Since March of 2011, the state has been arresting and deporting the Israeli-born children of migrant laborers along with their parents. In the past 16 months, over 90 families have been expelled. Many arrived on state-issued work visas and lost their legal status due to a policy that forbade foreign workers from having and keeping babies in the country—a policy that was struck down by the Israeli Supreme Court…

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  • "Foreign" non-Jews barred from Israeli youth basketball league

    An Israeli youth basketball league limits the number of non-Jewish "foreigners" who can join--excluding children who were born and raised in Israel. If a team goes over the cap, it is barred from district competition. Two Filipino boys play a one-on-one basketball game in South Tel Aviv, an area where many migrant workers and their Israel-born children live. The kids shout at each other in Hebrew as they dribble, shoot, and score. As local as they might seem, these boys are likely to be excluded from a local league due to a little-known policy that prevents many non-Jewish “foreigners” from…

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