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Israeli capital

  • Embassy move is an act of humiliation against Abbas

    It is also hard to see the Palestinian president agreeing to participate in negotiations headed by an American president who humiliated him so. By Elhanan Miller In the zero-sum game of Palestinian politics, every attack on Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority is interpreted as aiding his ideological rivals in Hamas. Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his announcement that the U.S. embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, along with other recent steps taken by the American government, thus weakened Mahmoud Abbas’s “diplomacy only” approach and increased the likelihood of a new outbreak of violence.…

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  • According to BBC, Israel has no capital - but Palestine does

    If you go to the BBC's website to read about the countries participating in the upcoming London Olympics, you'll get some interesting information on Israel and Palestine. According to the BBC sports page's profile on Israel, it simply has no capital, whereas Palestine does have one, in East Jerusalem.   The Israeli Foreign Ministry is of course up in arms. Prime Minister Netanyahu's Foreign Press Adviser and Spokesperson Mark Regev sent a letter to BBC's Middle East Bureau Chief  Paul Danahar yesterday, expressing his "dismay" at the British network's "discriminatory" behavior: While Israel declares Jerusalem to be the “undivided capital of Israel,” the United…

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