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Israeli activists

  • Standing in the way of the machines preparing to destroy an entire village

    Every time a home is destroyed, people lose a significant part of their world. But in Khan al-Ahmar it isn’t just a home — it is an entire community, their land, and their place in the world. By Karen Isaacs I am tired and my body hurts. I have slept very few hours this week and except for this morning, I have woken up at 5 a.m. while it was still dark. I don’t understand why I should have the right to live in my own home and the people of Khan al-Ahmar should not. I don’t understand because there isn’t a way to understand. [tmwinpost]…

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  • Popular resistance in Palestine: Decline and hope for change

    A decade ago popular protests against the separation wall, settlements, and occupation were the great promise of the Palestinian struggle. Now a new book takes a look at why these demonstrations were never actually able to bring out the Palestinian masses to the streets, and what activists can learn for the future. By Thimna Bunte In what may be the most insightful, comprehensive, and sensitive academic study of today's Palestinian popular resistance, Marwan Darweish and Andrew Rigby's new book, Popular Protest in Palestine – The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance, provides an excellent analysis of Palestinian unarmed resistance to the Israeli…

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  • Exclusive: The IDF is monitoring what Israeli citizens say on Facebook

    Did you post the word 'demonstration' in Hebrew on Facebook? The army is keeping an eye on you. Did you use the word 'Al Quds' in Arabic in a WhatsApp conversation? You may have just been flagged as a terrorist. How the IDF contracts private tech companies to monitor Israeli citizens on social media. By John Brown* and Noam Rotem / Local Call Several years ago, a group of uniformed Israeli military officers walked into a conference room of an Israeli company that tracks and monitors discussions on the Internet for commercial purposes. The company looks at what social media…

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  • WATCH: Settlers assault, throw stones at Palestinian farmers

    The villagers of Ash-Shuyukh have been trying to reach their lands for 10 years — each time they are attacked by settlers. When they arrived there on Saturday, Israeli activists had cameras ready. Settlers attacked a small group of Palestinian farmers from the village of Ash-Shuyukh who came to work their land near the settlements of Pnei Kedem and Metzad on Saturday. As can be seen in video filmed by an Israeli activist with Ta'ayush, a direct-action solidarity group, the settlers threw stones and physically assaulted the farmers while a group of soldiers stood between the two and attempted to…

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  • WATCH: Israeli activists detained for filming illegal settlement construction

    In the video below (filmed by an Israeli Ta'ayush activist on Monday April 1 and subtitled quickly by yours truly) a policeman approaches Israeli activists who regularly go to the South Hebron Hills (he knows all their names already) and informs them they are being detained. For what? For filming illegal construction at an illegal outpost in the area called Avigayil on a different day. That's right. This was not an April Fool's joke, but the way the law is actually being enforced by Israeli authorities in the West Bank. They ended up being held for over 5 hours and questioned…

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  • Photo essay: Refugees uprooted again in bid to expel foreigners

    Text by: Rami Gudovitch All photos by: “Do you know, Rami, that I was in 'Mustafa Mahmoud?'” Regina, a 12-year-old South Sudanese girl, asked me after she and her family were released from 27 days in an Israeli prison. Her father, a tall man with noticeable facial scars from the torture he underwent in Khartoum, affirms her words, handing me an old newspaper clipping from Egypt, dated 2005. I cannot read Arabic, but I can see her mother, laying on the ground, surrounded by police officers in one photo, and the little body of a child covered by a…

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  • Outcry prompts police to call off interrogations of activists

    In recent days several activists in the J14 movement across the country have been summoned to interrogations in various police stations with the stated goal of learning what their plans are for the coming summer. I was one of them. Today I showed up at the central district station in Tel Aviv only to find out that media pressure led to the cancelation of interrogations. It all started with a small piece of paper I found in my mail box on Sunday at around noon. Signed by one "Shabi", this police notice ordered me to report to the Yiftakh command…

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  • 23 Israelis and Palestinians injured in settler attack outside Jerusalem

    23 Israelis and Palestinians injured - some including broken bones and bloody gashes - in an attack by settlers from the settlement of Anatot just outside Jerusalem, West Bank According to Israeli activists, on Friday morning (Sept 30) Palestinian and Israeli activists were attacked by settlers near the settlement of Anatot, which is about 20 minutes drive outside of Jerusalem in the West Bank, just north of Maale Adumim. Activists came to accompany the owner of the plot of land to plant trees - when they were met by a large group of settlers, who attacked them and reportedly cracked…

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  • Sidetracked in the West Bank

    A couple of hours before Shabbat descended upon the rugged hills of the West Bank a group of Israelis were hiking in a small patch of trees near Ramalah. They hiked quickly and barely stopped to discuss the beauty of the surrounding nature. Occasionally, their unofficial leader (the one who know the trail) would stop and point out a beautiful vista or note how the hill tops formed perfect concentric circles.The smell of wild growing herbs filled their noses as they moved closer to their destination. They reached a road separating a small group of Palestinian tents and the village…

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