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  • On Wislawa Szymborska: A poet dies, a war is born

    By Dahlia Shaham The morning I saw the obituary for Wislawa Szymborska, the Polish poet and Nobel Laureate, I was in a hotel room in Munich. I put the newspaper down on the small desk and left the hotel to attend the Munich Security Conference. Participation in this conference is limited to the global policy elite – heads of state, ministers, parliament members, generals and about a dozen conscience-cleaning social activists. Enabling this exclusive gathering is an army of aides, advisors, reporters, photographers, security guards, waiters and ushers. Here were the front page headlines of that day: Bashar Assad's forces…

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  • Five comments on the (troubling) situation

    What does the appointment of Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i to ambassador of China really mean? Why is Yair Lapid whining? Which is the most interesting political teaming-up so far? What is one of the main goals of the war on Iran campaign? And what do we know of Netanyahu’s crime solving abilities? Ni Hao Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i resigned from his post today so that the cabinet could approve his appointment to be ambassador to China. Thanks to a few Facebook friends*, I compiled a short list of questions that some of us had due to…

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  • Apocalypse Soon: The aftermath of an attack on Iran

    Consensus opinion now seems to be that Israel will attack Iran. So it might be worth thinking about what sort of war might follow. It might also be worth thinking about how such a war would end. In the last month or so, there seems to have been a shift in perception about Israel’s plans for Iran. If before, a lot of informed people might have bet that if and when push came to shove, Israel would hold back from bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities, I don’t think there are many such bettors today. Quite a bit has happened recently. There was the…

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