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Israel-Syria relations

  • A downed F-16 and an Iranian drone: The other side always started it

    According to the Israeli narrative, the timeline of violence that resulted in Syria shooting down an Israeli fighter jet began just a few hours earlier. But Israel has been bombing inside Syria for months. Make no mistake: the dramatic escalation of violence on the Israeli-Syrian border Saturday morning was initiated by Israel, and it is Israel's responsibility to end it. [tmwinpost] If the reports are accurate, and an Iranian drone did enter Israeli airspace Saturday morning, then this is indeed a new development, and a blatant and provocative violation of Israeli sovereignty. However, the escalation has been ongoing for several…

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  • The American strategic mistake in Syria no one's talking about

    For all the talk of intervention or lack of intervention, there's one strategic error the U.S. made in Syria that nobody's discussing — President Bill Clinton's failure to give full American backing to an Israel-Syria peace deal when it was still possible. By Gilad Halpern The headline "A president is born" is probably being written at this very moment, if it hasn’t been yet. Donald Trump's order to strike Syria's al-Shayrat airbase in response to Damascus' use of chemical weapons against civilians received bipartisan praise, even among his most devout detractors on both sides of the aisle. For the first…

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