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  • WATCH: Why Arab youth increasingly identify as Palestinian

    What makes young Arabs who live in Israel define themselves as Palestinians? How do Israel's divide-and-conquer policies make it difficult for Palestinian citizens to formulate a unified identity? Part two of Rami Younis and Israel Social TV's inside look at the changes taking place among Palestinians inside Israel. Watch part one here. Read more: WATCH: 'Israeli Arab' or Palestinian? A new activism, a new politics, a new generation of Palestinians in Israel From Haifa to Beirut: ’48 Palestinians challenge regional isolation

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  • The Israeli gov’t must stop threatening to defund media outlets

    +972 Magazine stands in solidarity with our colleagues at Israel Social TV, who are being targeted for political reasons by two government ministries. Israel's Communications Ministry appears to have its crosshairs on “Israel Social TV,” one of a very small number of independent media outlets providing on-the-ground coverage of social and political struggles in Israel and Palestine. [tmwinpost] Communications Ministry Director-General Shlomo Filber said he plans to cut public funding to Social TV, accusing it of "subverting the foundations of the state, and providing a platform for the delegitimization of IDF soldiers." Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Uri Ariel…

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  • Baseless accusations: Activists acquitted for 'Cast Lead' protest

    Four and a half years after 16 activists were arrested in Tel Aviv for protesting Operation Cast Lead, a court acquits them of all charges. The question is why -- despite video evidence showing they did nothing wrong -- did the police continue to aggressively push to indict the protesters on bogus charges? By Inbal Sinai, Social TV editorial It was hard to remain apathetic as difficult-to-digest reports arrived from Gaza during the Israeli attack in the winter of 2008-2009, known as “Cast Lead.” According to data from B’Tselem, 1,391 Palestinians were killed in the fighting (759 of whom were…

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  • Announcing a new partnership with Israel Social TV

    +972 Magazine and Israel Social TV are happy to announce the beginning of a new partnership in which Social TV's grassroots, independent video reporting and content will be published and presented in English on +972 Magazine. Like +972, Social TV is an independent media organization working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality as well as to mobilize its viewers toward activism. Social TV was established in 2006 out of the belief that objective and diverse media is crucial for a healthy democracy in Israel. It seeks to report on social injustices and human right violations, and…

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  • WATCH: Israelis protest military operation against Gaza

    A demonstration took place Wednesday night place in front of Defense Minister Ehud Barak's house in Tel Aviv, protesting the killing of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari and the launch of of 'Operation Pillar of Defense.' The demonstrators called for an end to the bloodshed and for dialogue between Israel and Hamas. A second demonstration will be held this evening (Thursday); see here for more details. By Israel Social TV. Israel Social TV is an independent media NGO working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism.

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  • WATCH: Hiroshima Day in Israel - Don't Bomb, Talk!

    Last Monday August 6, the Israeli Disarmament Movement (RPM) held a protest against an Israeli strike on Iran on the anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima. That day 67 years ago in 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a few days later, ultimately destroying both cities and causing over 200,000 casualties. RPM is explicitly against an Israeli attack on Iran, and for solving the issues with discussions and not with violence. RPM also calls on Israel to participate in the conference on establishing a Middle East that is free of…

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  • WATCH: Refusing to enlist in the IDF

    “Only after the first time I went to the occupied territories did I realize that I could never be a part of the army."  -Alon Gurman, 19, from Tel Aviv.  In March 2012, Alon Gurman and three other Israelis announced their decision to refuse to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, forming the first collective refusal in recent years. Here is a short video telling the story of Noam Gur and Alon Gurman, who both came to the decision after joining demonstrations in the West Bank in solidarity with Palestinians opposing Israeli occupation and land theft.      This video…

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