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  • WATCH: Israelis tell Iranians 'we do not hate you'

    The initiative to tell Iranians that Israelis refuse to go to war with them is creative, important and moving - but, like so many other great initiatives here, it is tainted by the fact that we are a society at war, a society whose art cannot be appreciated simply for what it is.  I wasn't swept up by the whole "Iranians we love you" campaign that exploded last week - even though I do think it is a great, creative initiative expressing the most basic human urge to resist violence and war.  But I could not help but be moved…

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  • Israel Hayom: Manufacturing "consensus" on Iran

    When it can't find national consensus for an attack on or "steps" against Iran, pro-Netanyahu newspaper Israel Hayom, makes one up... Israel Hayom is Israel's most widely read Hebrew-language newspaper. It is distributed for free on street corners throughout the country and is owned by American businessman Sheldon Adelson, who maintains a cozy relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Friday the 25th, Israel Hayom ran the following: The headline reads: In your opinion, would steps implemented by the Western countries prevent Iran from creating a nuclear weapon? This question seems, to me, a bit vague. What are the steps?…

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