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  • WATCH: Immigrants from former USSR struggle to survive in retirement

    Due to bureaucratic failures, many immigrants from the former Soviet Union are not getting the pensions they accrued while working in their home countries, and thus are forced to continue working and saving in order to grow old with dignity. A significant percentage of immigrant pensioners live below the poverty line. When forced to choose between buying food or medicine, life becomes a day-to-day struggle for survival. Israel Social TV is an independent media NGO working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism.

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  • Israeli children deported to South Sudan succumb to malaria

    Three months ago, Interior Minister Eli Yishai deported several hundred families from Israel to South Sudan, despite unequivocal statements by human rights group that mere fact of the established state is far from the offering the safety that would allow for these families' return; the request was at least to extend the group exemption from deportation - Israel's mechanism of neither denying nor granting asylum - a few months longer. Even that demand was ignored. The deportees' baggage, all 14 tons of it, was delayed for two months and kept at a warehouse in Israel, simply because the state felt…

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  • WATCH: Refugees smuggled to Israel face organ theft in Sinai

    CNN and Egypt’s Channel 25 released this week chilling video reports lending credence to rumors of an emerging organ trade in the Sinai Peninsula By Noa Yachot Thanks to a spate of media interest over the last year, the numerous ordeals faced by African refugees smuggled to Israel have been well-documented. Detailed reports in the press and by rights organizations have covered the exorbitant amounts Bedouin smugglers demand for the coveted trip from the Horn of Africa to the Holy Land, along with the horrors many face once in Sinai. Smugglers may at that point suddenly demand more money -…

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