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Israel housing and social protest

  • A promise: My first time in Bil'in will not be my last

    Last week I went to the Friday demonstration in the West Bank village of Bil'in for the first time. Some of the people who know me found it hard to believe. "Only now? Next week they will be marking eight years of demos, and only now you come, Ami?" Yeah. I guess I’m what you call a “couch-leftist.” My battle is done in my home, my sword is my keyboard. I’m proud of that sword, I must say. But for the past year I’ve been feeling it isn’t enough. I live a privileged life in a suburb of Tel Aviv.…

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  • The tent protest: neither social justice, nor revolution

    This article was jointly written by Dahlia Scheindlin and Joseph Dana, based on our shared experiences of the protests. The popular, mass protests here that began as a cry of rage against housing prices have evolved admirably into a public outcry against a slew of deep-rooted problems in Israeli social and economic life. Visiting the tent camps early every day, we’ve watched the protest grow from a motley band of wishful Woodstockers at the tip of Rothschild Boulevard two weeks ago, to a sort of mini-metropolis spreading close to the end of the road. There’s a first aid tent courtesy…

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