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Israel high court

  • For Israel, Khan al-Ahmar residents lack 'good faith' displayed by settlers

    As far as Israel is concerned, the demolition and displacement of Palestinian communities cannot be prevented, because they lack the good intentions that seemingly only Jewish settlers have. By Sharona Weiss An interim injunction that prevented the demolition and eviction of the Jahalin Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar ends on September 12. Israel will then face the weighty choice of whether to reveal the true colors of its decades-long occupation, and whether to forcibly transfer an entire community, simply for the inconvenience it poses to the settlement project. [tmwinpost] Khan al-Ahmar is located between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, an…

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  • WATCH: When your neighborhood is threatened with disappearance

    The residents of a Bedouin neighborhood in northern Israel are vowing to continue their public struggle against efforts to evacuate them from their land. Residents of Ramya, who live in tin shacks and sheds within the Galilee city of Karmiel, have been struggling for years against the attempt to uproot them from their homes. The state expropriated Ramya residents' land in 1976, and their efforts to thwart evacuation have been going for decades. A recent decision by the Supreme Court once again leaves residents facing the danger of demolition and forced eviction.

  • In Bab Al-Shams, Palestinians create new facts on the ground

    'What made Bab Al-Shams significant was the fact that it asserted that Palestinian activists would not simply react to injustices the occupation laid at our doorstep, but that we were determined to create our own realities on the ground.' By Irene Nasser Last week, I witnessed a remarkable victory for Palestinian unarmed civil resistance. Over a frigid January weekend, I joined hundreds of Palestinians in establishing Bab Al-Shams (literally ‘Gate of the Sun’), a new Palestinian village, erected on private Palestinian land near Jerusalem in the territory known as E1, which Israel has controversially slated for future settlement growth. The…

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  • To be a peace broker, U.S. must reasses its position on settlements

    The appointment of Senator John Kerry as the next U.S. Secretary of State could represent a new opportunity for Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. But for efforts to be successful, the U.S. will have to reconsider its message that settlement construction is a matter of negotiation. By Lorenzo Kamel The day after the UN voted to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state, the Israeli government approved construction of approximately 3,000 new residential units in the occupied territories, a decision that was met with strong opposition by various European leaders. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the contrary, delivered a speech at the…

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  • Justice eludes activist, father of Palestinian child killed by IDF

    Posters in Jerusalem in January 2007, protesting the killing of Abir Aramin (Photo: In January 2007, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 10-year-old Palestinian girl on her way home from school.  Abir Aramin lived in Anata, a Palestinian village north of Jerusalem. The pathologist who performed the autopsy found that Abir was hit in the head by a rubber bullet. However, an Israeli police investigation found the soldiers innocent, claiming there was no proof that gunfire killed Abir. For the last four and half years, Aramin's family knocked every door seeking justice. I was there at the funeral when…

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