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islam tamimi

  • UN special rapporteur on torture to address Nabi Saleh trial

    14 year-old Islam Tamimi was arrested on January 23 by a large group of soldiers who stormed his family's home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh in the middle of the night. He was taken from his bed at gunpoint, beaten up by the soldiers who arrested him and denied sleep. His arrest, only a week after a previous military night time raid on his house, is in line with a common Israeli tactic of callously arresting minors in order to use their confessions against many others in the quest to suppress unarmed anti-occupation demonstrations. This Sunday, Islam’s…

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  • A Palestinian boy's Kafkaesque trial in Israel's military court

    On a sunny day people usually stand outside or sit in the direct sun in the waiting area at the Ofer military court. To observe a trail at Ofer, one must enter the facilities and, in a way, become a prisoner. Visiting diplomats and human rights officials alike, are allowed to bring only money and cigarettes into the court area. Trials are given times in two vague categories -  before the lunch break and after. Often a trial is listed for ‘before the lunch break’ and so observers will arrive at the court around 9 a.m., only to find that…

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  • Nabi Saleh teen arrested, denied due process

    Shackled and drowning in an adult prison uniform, 14 year old Islam Tamimi was brought before a military court this morning for a hearing on his detention. Exhausted and nervous, Tamimi sat before a court room of soldiers. Tamimi was arrested during a night raid in the village of Nabi Saleh early Sunday morning. After soldiers arrested the child, they forced him to stand outside in the cold until 09h00 Sunday morning. Soldiers also repeatedly threatened the child while he was in their custody. Upon hearing the news, defense lawyers for Tamimi contacted the army and police to ask permission…

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