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  • Why I demand the dismissal of Israel’s ambassador to Ireland

    It’s one thing to have to deal with the racism and hatred prevalent here in Israel/Palestine. But it’s another when an imbecile I support with my tax money, who claims to represent me, spreads his venom overseas (and not for the first time - the deputy at the embassy said in the past that "Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems"). The idiot that wrote the following status on the official Facebook page of the Israeli Embassy in Ireland should be removed from his post. A thought for Christmas...If Jesus and mother Mary were alive today, they would, as Jews without security,…

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  • 'Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems'

    Israel's deputy ambassador to Ireland, Nurit Tinari Modai, recently sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry, with some unusual suggestions for how Israel should fight its own citizens who dare show solidarity with Palestinians. The letter was revealed by Channel 10 news this evening. We can find names of [those] Israelis… we should hit their soft spot, publish their pictures, maybe it will embarrass their friends and relatives at home, and hopefully the local [Palestinian] activists will think that they work for the Mossad... The acts of these activists are, I think, not ideologically motivated, but rather have to do…

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