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  • Spineless bookkeeping: The use of Mizrahi Jews as pawns against Palestinian refugees

    Calls to define Jews from Arab countries as refugees were silenced in the past by Israeli governments. The change of policy has to do with the relatively new recognition that Israel will not be able to escape its responsibility for the Nakba. But leaders of the new campaign should first learn the history of their unfounded idea. By Yehouda Shenhav In the last three years, we have witnessed an intensive campaign aimed at winning political and legal recognition of Arab Jews as "refugees." The aim of this campaign is to create symmetry in public opinion between the Palestinian refugees and…

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  • Poll: Israeli Jews oppose a unilateral strike on Iran

    Most Israelis do not back the Prime Minister and Defense Minister's call for a pre-emptive strike on Iran, but most won't do much to oppose it either. Here are some numbers and thoughts on why.  Just one-quarter of the Jewish public (27 percent) in Israel supports a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran, according to a new Peace Index survey from August 7-8, focused mainly on Iran. Fully 61 percent of the 516 Jewish respondents are against such a strike, with over one-quarter strongly opposed - even a majority on the right is opposed (51 percent). If Prime Minister Netanyahu and…

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  • Unsubstantiated 'false flag' story exaggerates Israeli power

    Mark Perry's report on a false flag operation is not only unverifiable, it displays naivety about American foreign policy and bolsters the ludicrous thesis that Israel is the mastermind behind American Middle East belligerence. By Rafael D. Frankel The “false flag” operation conducted by the Mossad, as described by Mark Perry in an article published just after another assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist, is an affront to the United States if it is true. The Mossad certainly has no business posing as the CIA in order to recruit a Pakistan-based terrorist group to make hits on Iranian targets. But…

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  • The “Obama Doctrine:” A blessing or a curse for the conflict?

    The end of the Gaddafi regime in Libya proved that U.S. President Barack Obama’s doctrine of “leading from behind” was a success. But the Obama Doctrine is not only a new approach to war - it extends to foreign policy on the whole, and therefore has already begun to affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict When U.S. President Barack Obama decided to let other nations take a leading role during the war in Libya, the criticism was quick to come from every corner. They claimed he was doing too little, that he didn’t consult, that he was scared of using the air…

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  • Allied strike on Libya is about oil, not lives saved

    By Yael Lavie Nearly a decade ago, a few months before the US led operation (heck let's call it an invasion, shall we) commenced into Iraq in order to depose Saddam Hussein, I worked on a story about the US history of regime change as a modus operandi of foreign policy. At the time, working in NYC with Jim Wooten a former ABC NEWS correspondent and great journalist who had the "privilege" of covering the Vietnam War first hand, we set out to speak with historians and former US government officials during the Vietnam days. Our goal as journalists, before…

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  • The Light-Bringers: on Anat Kamm, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

    Wikileaks, Anat Kamm and Bradley Manning expose the corrupting power of secrecy. The whistleblowing site Wikileaks published during the weekend some 392,000 classified military documents, which it received, in all likelihood, from a US army soldier, Bradley Manning, who is already on trial. The documents, published in tandem with the New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel, caught the Pentagon with its pants down. They show that, in contrast to the Pentagon’s official lie, that it had no idea how many civilians were killed in Iraq, it had – and a rather accurate one; they expose American chief ally,…

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