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Iranian nuclear facilities

  • Averting doomsday: My obsession with stopping a war on Iran

    Imagine: Israel is cranked up to bomb a country that likely has chemical and biological weapons to go with its missiles. Imagine: It is planning a future of one such 'pre-emptive' war after another.  I've been preoccupied for several years with the prospect that Israel would bomb Iran, and what started it was something that people don't talk about much, certainly not now that an attack seems to be imminent: the possibility that Iran will hit back with chemical or biological weapons. Experts on WMD say it's a good bet Iran has both these weapons. (Syria is known to have chemical weapons, and we all know what Israel's got.) Missiles carrying chemical warheads can kill…

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  • Israel likely to bomb Iran this year - NY Times Magazine

    Israel appears set on attacking Iran's nuclear facilities this year, writes Ronen Bergman, intelligence expert  for Yediot Aharonot, in the cover story of the New York Times Magazine. He bases his prediction on interviews with many top security people, mainly Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who sat with him for several long discussions in Barak's Tel Aviv penthouse. Bergman wrote that during one of those interviews: Barak leaned forward and said with the utmost solemnity, "And if a nuclear Iran covets and occupies some gulf state, who will liberate it? The bottom line is that we must deal with the problem now." Bergman goes on to write that Israeli security…

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  • Is Israel preparing an assault against Iran? The media is ready

    The IAEA report on Iran's alleged nuclear program was surrounded by a media frenzy in Israel supporting an attack. By Neve Gordon Skimming the newspapers as I rushed to get my children ready for school, I suddenly understood that Israel might actually be preparing for a military attack against Iran. "[United States Secretary of Defence Leon] Panetta Demanded Commitment to Coordinate Action in Iran" read one headline, and "A Bomb at Arm's Length" read another. Feeding this hype were a series of military events that had been planned months in advance yet mysteriously coincided with the publication of the International…

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  • PLAY the Ehud Barak Game: “If I were ____, I would surely ____”

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak likes to imagine himself in different positions. And I don’t mean that in a kinky way. Yesterday he told Charlie Rose that if he were Iranian he’d probably want the bomb, too. In 1998, as many of you recall, Barak told Haartez journalist Gideon Levy that if he had been born Palestinian, he would have joined a terror organization, too. So, who will Barak imagine to be next? Mexican? Korean? An Ozzie? Or maybe, he’d like to be something or someone totally different? Maybe he’d like to be Madonna? Or Eddie Murhpy? Or a piece of…

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  • The fight is on to stop Bibi and Barak from bombing Iran

    An Op-Ed by Nahum Barnea in today's Yediot Aharonot lambasts PM Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak for moving to strike Iran. What does this mean? The two face high-powered internal opposition, and the opposition is now starting to go public. If Israel eventually realizes that bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities would be an act of absolute madness, I think Nahum Barnea’s column today in Yediot Aharonot may be remembered for having  been the turning point. He’s calling out Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak for cooking up an attack,  maybe before this winter, maybe afterward, even though the security establishment, foreign governments…

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