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Iran sanctions

  • Not so fast, Bibi: Why new sanctions won't bring down the Islamic Republic

    President Trump's new sanctions on Iran were widely praised by Netanyahu and the media. But they may not bring about the outcome so desired by the Israeli leader and his followers. By Shemuel Meir President Trump's recent declaration on the renewal of the oil and finance sanctions on Iran were greeted with great enthusiasm by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu thanked President Trump for the severe sanctions, which would impose a "huge stranglehold" on the Islamic Republic and could do away entirely with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement led by President Obama. Netanyahu's announcement was filled with superlatives…

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  • Three years on, the Iran nuclear deal is still Israel's best bet

    Netanyahu has tirelessly tried to spin the Iran nuclear deal as dangerous, but the prime minister's propaganda campaign has drowned out reasons why the agreement actually benefits Israel and the Middle East. By Shemuel Meir Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rushed to praise President Donald Trump on his "important and brave" decision to reinstate sanctions on Iran, just as he had done after every Trump initiative sought to end the Iran nuclear agreement. For both leaders, smashing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear agreement, is a high priority. [tmwinpost] In his meeting with U.S. National Security…

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  • The world's blatant double standard - in Israel's favor

    The American Studies Association may be singling out Israel for boycott, but if you look at the serious, painful punishments the world metes out to oppressor nations, Israel is not being singled out, it’s being let off the hook. As of Friday at noon, a Google search of “human rights sanctions” turns up over 40 million results. There are human rights sanctions and other punishments against China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Yemen, Belarus, Cuba, North Korea and lots of other countries. And these sanctions weren’t put in place by some minor academic group like the American Studies Association, but…

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  • Hooray, we brought the Iranian people to their knees

    With nuclear talks resuming Tuesday, the happy consensus is that the sanctions have forced Iran's regime to blink. But hardly anyone wants to think about the effect they've had on the country's 80 million people.   If you Google "bringing the Iranian economy to its knees," you'll have a lot of reading to do. This is the new cliche regarding sanctions - they've brought the Iranian economy to its knees. And the United States, Europe and, of course, Israel are thrilled to hear it; to the leaders and no doubt the great majority of the public in the West (not…

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  • The myth of benign sanctions against Iran

    Sanctions against Iran, which  have routinely been called 'targeted' but are now self-assuredly called 'crippling,' have long been crippling rather than targeted when it comes to their impact upon the Iranian people and economy. By Ali Fathollah-Nejad Sacrosanct sanctions: A fantastical construction They aim to bring recalcitrant tyrants to their senses, to put an end to their external as well as internal malefaction. With surgical precision, they pull the noose ever closer around the tyrant’s neck, so that in hopeless despair he is compelled to behave reasonably in foreign affairs while, enfeebled, he lifts his bloodied hands from the throat…

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  • A double standard: Alicia Keys and sanctions on Iran

    An example of distinctively Israeli, stone-blind hypocrisy.  There seems to be a bit of a double standard in this country on the subject of BDS. For instance, we're all supposed to be sneering in triumph over Alicia Keys' decision to resist calls to cancel her Tel Aviv concert next month. No sane Israeli can support a boycott of this country, can he? Over what, the occupation? Out of the question. But at the same time, no sane Israeli is supposed to oppose the UN sanctions on Iran, unless of course he thinks they're too lenient or that they're delaying the bombing…

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