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  • Jerusalem orders kindergartens not to let 'minorities' visit

    The municipality's security department sends instructions to kindergartens in the city ordering that foreigners and 'minorities,' a euphemism for Arabs, not be allowed onto their grounds. Anti-racism group demands the city retract the orders. Public kindergartens in Jerusalem were ordered by the city’s Emergency and Security Division not to allow “foreigners” and “minorities” into educational facilities in a document laying out security instructions distributed to kindergartens recently. [tmwinpost] Under a section titled “Entry of Visitors,” the document reads: “Do not allow the entry of foreigners into the kindergarten grounds — as a rule entry is not permitted for minorities, in any…

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  • Sorry Ben Gurion, Israeli court says 'Hebrew Labor' is illegal

    A jobs website for Jews only is fined for violating Israel's anti-discrimination laws. The founding generation of Israeli leaders very much espoused the idea of 'Hebrew Labor' and not hiring Arabs. In a judgement that would have upended one of the earliest tenets of Zionism and surely upset Israel's founding father David Ben Gurion, a Jerusalem court on Monday ruled that a job listings website that publishes ads exclusively for Jews is illegal. [tmwinpost] The judgement concluded a lawsuit filed by the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) and Mossawa Center against the owner of the site, Avodah Ivrit ("Hebrew Labor"),…

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  • From: Interior Ministry RE: Ruth the Moabite

    Last week, Israel celebrated Shavuot, the holiday on which we read the Book of Ruth. The following is a take on how correspondence between Anat Hoffman of the Israel Religious Action Center and the Ministry of Interior would look like if the Biblical Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David and Judaism’s first convert, were to be seeking legal status in Israel today. Chag sameach! Attn: Mr. Eli Yishai* Minister of Interior Kaplan 2 Jerusalem Dear Sir, Re: Ruth the Moabite – Request to Obtain Permanent Status in Israel Our client, Ruth the Moabite, is the non-Jewish widow of a Jewish husband,…

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