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  • Are Israelis ready for a confederated two-state solution?

    A +972 poll puts the details of one such plan to the Israeli public, and finds that a majority supports the general approach. The new year begins with speculation about the possibility of a change of government in Israel. But it is not at all clear that even a more centrist government can advance a two-state peace process with the Palestinians. Israelis and Palestinians are pessimistic about both the potential for successful negotiations or the feasibility of the two-state solution. On this point, the two publics, frankly, are more realistic than various policy circles. In response, some people this past…

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  • Two-state think tank appoints one-state CEO (UPDATED)

    Promising to promote 'new thinking,' Dan Goldenblatt, the founder of a one-state Israeli group, was made the new co-CEO of IPCRI. Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information, a think tank formed in 1988 by veteran peace activist Gershon Baskin, has recently appointed Att. Dan Goldenblatt as the new Israeli co-CEO of the organization, alongside Riman Barakat, his Palestinian counterpart. Interestingly enough, Goldenblatt, a former political adviser to MK Dr. Roman Bronfman, is one of the founders of Eretz Yoshveha, a group advocating a one-state solution to the conflict, consisting of left-wing Israeli¬†academics and activists, Palestinian citizens of Israel and…

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  • What is normal about normalization?

    The anti-normalization movement plays into the hands of the state of Israel's policy of separation. By refusing to engage and even on some level cooperate with Israelis, Palestinian anti-normalizers accept this policy. Anti-normalization is one of the hottest topics in the Palestinian community, although very few people can define exactly what it should mean. It is a term that gained strength in the 1980s against accepting the status quo of the occupation. Those who supported anti-normalization then were concerned about the occupation becoming a secondary issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A growing number of Palestinians working for Israeli businesses, a…

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