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  • Israel's volunteer thought-police

    Right-wing activists have been infiltrating human rights and anti-occupation organizations. The spies did do serious damage, but to a much bigger target than they intended: Israeli society. Two weeks ago I wrote about a right-wing group trying to recruit people to a “top secret” mission: spying on left-wing organizations in Israel. The outfit was largely a one-man show. I thought it was a colorful but probably not very serious example of the latest “hasbara” antics – propaganda or public diplomacy – gone too far. [tmwinpost] I was naïve. Two weeks later, we learned that right-wing impostors have been infiltrating, befriending and…

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  • In English Bibi calls Syrians migrants, in Hebrew they're 'infiltrators'

    Netanyahu's message is clear: in Hebrew there is no such thing as a Syrian refugee who might find shelter in Israel; instead, there are infiltrators and terrorists. Israeli officials are rather fond of pointing out the different messages Palestinian and Arab leaders put out in Arabic and English. It turns out Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu isn’t much better. Netanyahu responded Sunday morning to a call by opposition leader Isaac Herzog, in light of the refugee crisis in Europe, for Israel to open its border with Syria to refugees fleeing ISIS and the civil war there. [tmwinpost] Explaining why he will…

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  • The origins and politics of Israel's refugee debate

    An in-depth look at the historical and political developments that shaped Israel’s current African asylum-seeker crisis — and one way to resolve it that meets Israel’s own needs while doing right by those who most need its protection. African asylum seekers in Israel have brought their struggle into the limelight in recent weeks. Through acts of civil disobedience, public protests and a mass labor strike, the mostly Eritrean and Sudanese nationals are attempting to shift the public discourse surrounding their presence in the country, gain access to a credible process in which they can seek asylum, and challenge a new…

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  • Turning Israel into a 'state of all its infiltrators'

    The past two Israeli governments successfully turned the issue of African asylum seekers into a threat posed by infiltrators, who were subsequently criminalized. A short examination of the country's history with infiltrators, however, can give us some important insights. By Eitan Bronstein Aparicio Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar, who’s in favor of expelling refugees from Africa, devised a catchy slogan - “A country of all its infiltrators” – in order to condemn those who defend asylum seekers in Israel. By using that concept he is trying to show the absurdity of those who support giving refugees asylum and rights - because nobody…

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  • Sudanese refugees, activists hope for change in policies

    Activists believe the deportation of South Sudanese will most probably not lower the number of African migrants in Israel, and it is also a direct violation of Israel's obligations under international commitments. Israeli authorities have begun arresting dozens of African migrants, as reported by +972's Mya Guarnieri. It is the latest in an effort to crackdown on individuals who over the years have entered the country illegally. The move comes despite a court order that the government allow them one week to turn themselves in voluntarily. The one week period expires on Thursday. The government hopes to deport an unspecified number…

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  • Is there a link between Israeli profits, anti-African incitement?

    As Interior Minister Eli Yishai incites against African asylum seekers--leading to outbreaks of violence against Africans--his ministry issues visas to foreigners who pay tremendous amounts of money to come to Israel. Interior Minister Eli Yishai has called African asylum seekers "infiltrators" who threaten “the Zionist dream,” adding, “Jobs will root them here.” But if foreigners are such a threat and jobs will root them here, then why does Yishai’s ministry continue to issue work visas to migrants? It could have something to do with the fact that the manpower agencies—the companies that turn huge profits by importing foreign workers—have a…

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  • New law targeting refugees employs logic of human traffickers

    Israel's "Infiltrators' Law" strips the refugee and asylum seeker of liberty, dignity and the right to due process. In producing a form of life that is rendered unworthy of living, the government reformulates the strategies employed by notoriously violent refugee smugglers. By Itamar Mann The amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law, passed in the Knesset late Monday night, makes no differentiation between unauthorized migrants pending deportation and asylum seekers: they are all grouped together under the law’s ominous title, and a non-discriminatory policy of detention, potentially for life, is inflicted upon all of them. This far-reaching measure contradicts Israel’s…

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  • Israeli NGO loses lease because of racism

    CORRECTION: Due to a serious miscommunication, I mistakenly reported that the ARDC had moved to Jerusalem. Nic Schlagman of the ARDC confirms that the ARDC  did lose a lease due to the religious edict mentioned below and that the organization has had "a lot of problems trying to relocate our shelters for the same reason." They have not, however, moved to Jerusalem; their offices are currently closed for a week as they move to Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station. My deepest apologies for the error. I met with Yohannes Bayu yesterday, the founder and director of the African Refugee Development…

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