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  • Anti-Mizrahi discrimination was official Israeli policy

    The Israeli government has kept documents detailing systematic racism against Jews from the Middle East and North Africa sealed for 70 years. This week the Knesset rejected a proposal to open the state archives. To correct the historical injustice, the public needs to know the truth. By Mossi Raz In nearly every conversation about the arrival and absoprtion of Jewish immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, the same claim arises—while mistakes were made, it wasn’t because of an explicit policy. If only this claim were true. [tmwinpost] The '50s were difficult years. Israel was a young country, surrounded by enemies and…

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  • Is the 'Jewish nation-state' bill good for anyone at all?

    A law seeking to prioritize and designate Israel as the Jewish nation-state is exposing the crazies in Israel's government. This proposed basic law would codify and demarcate the state as something that belongs only to a subset of its citizens. The cabinet on Sunday passed a preliminary reading of a law — with the weight of a constitutional amendment — that would declare Israel to be the nation-state of the Jewish people. In order to pass the vote, Prime Minister Netanyahu put forward 14 principles on which the basic law’s final wording will be based. Democracy is in there as an afterthought, equality…

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  • The Jewish-Israeli Left can participate in the Palestinian struggle, but not as a partner

    Israeli Leftists want the 1.5 million Palestinians who live in this country to become an integral part of this Israeli society. But they see their fellow Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank belonging to a different country.  A Palestinian man and a Jewish woman are both participants at a Jaffa protest rally. The Palestinian calls out, “Yafa Arabiyeh Falastaneeyeh!” (“Jaffa is Arab-Palestinian!”). The Jewish woman doesn't like this. She takes him aside and explains that this is a joint Jewish-Arab demonstration. Thus, according to the woman, there is no place for a chant of “Jaffa is Arab,” just as…

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  • Burqa ban bill squashed. Now onto real gender equality?

    On Sunday, nrg reported (Heb), a bill that would have banned wearing burqas in certain situations was unanimously opposed by a government Ministerial Committee on legislation. It is not entirely a surprise that the bill was proposed by Kadima MK Marina Solodkin. In proposing this bill, Kadima placed itself even outside the range of hard-line Foreign Minister Lieberman (Heb) who has stated his opposition to such a bill. The issue of burqas is tricky for feminists. Even if I can imagine some logic in the bill’s proposal to ban the burqa in government offices (think courtrooms, or the Interior Ministry),…

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  • Introducing ethnic segregation: the Q’aadan curse

    How and why Zionist discrimination against non-Jews is made legal Our story begins with a middle class couple, who wanted to build themselves a house in a country settlement. The time was the early 1990s, and the couple was facing one major problem. ‘Aadel and ‘Iman Q’aadan were not, as their names attest, good Jews. The plot they wanted to build on, in Katzir, was government land which was leased to the Jewish Agency. The JA is a relic of the pre-independence period, and one of its main functions ever since the creation of Israel is to assist the government…

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