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IDF soldiers

  • New videos contradict IDF claims about West Bank killing

    Footage from four separate cameras appears to show Israeli soldiers were not in any danger when they shot a mentally challenged Palestinian man in the back of the head in Tulkarm last week. By +972 Magazine Staff CCTV footage of Israeli soldiers shooting a Palestinian man in the West Bank city of Tulkarm last week appears to contradict the army's claims about the killing. [tmwinpost] The footage, taken from four separate cameras, appears to show that, unlike the army's claims, no clashes were taking place at the time of the shooting, no crowd control measures were used, and that the soldiers were…

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  • Punished for stealing apples — not for shooting Palestinians

    Israeli society needs to believe in its righteous path to continue sending us to occupy a people in its name. That's why it will indict a commander who stole a few apples in Hebron, but won't do the same for a soldier who shoots a 15 year old in the head. By Avner Gvaryahu Here is a multiple-choice question that will test your understanding of the reality in Israel. Before you are four recent incidents that took place in the occupied territories. In which of these cases were soldiers put on trial? [tmwinpost] A. The arrest of a 16-year-old in Hebron…

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  • Watching your son's killers walk free

    This is the story of a Palestinian father whose son was shot in the back by two Israeli soldiers. In the bizarre reality of occupation, he is the one who must ask permission from the wardens while his son's killers walk free. What took place at the Ramle Magistrate's Court on Thursday morning was beyond bizarre. Every encounter between a grieving family and those who killed their child is, without a doubt, terrible — but they usually look different than what I witnessed. Most of these meetings take place in district courts. Usually the ones who killed the child are brought to court house from prison,…

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  • The story behind the viral 'apartheid' photo

    Recently, a photograph made waves for its apparent depiction of the disparities in the treatment of Israeli and Palestinian minors. This is what happened to the boys in the photo, with a strange twist involving an Israeli soldier lost in a Palestinian village.  By Avi Blecherman (translated by Hadas Leonov) The following story is going to make your jaw drop, as it demonstrates the absurdity of this place, a reality beyond any imagination — especially if you are a Palestinian. This is a story about a family in Jerusalem who encounters the police three times in the span of a…

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  • License to Kill: No consequences for shooting an unarmed man in the back

    An unarmed civilian is killed and no one is held accountable. Part two in a series examining Israeli military investigations into Palestinians killed by soldiers. A Palestinian taxi driver is shot in the back by an Israeli soldier. Investigators say they cannot locate the shooters, even though their identity is known. Six years later, when a civil suit is filed, the State suddenly produces them as witnesses. The judge rules their versions of events are unreliable and orders damages paid to the family. The criminal case, however, is closed. [Read part one here.] By John Brown and Noam Rotem (translated…

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  • Mourning death wherever it strikes

    (Translated from Hebrew by Sol Salbe) Sometimes it feels like this is some sort of a test. Will the leftists mourn now? Will they say that they feel the pain? Will they dare criticize the war now that our soldiers have died? So there, yes, it hurts. I know that that doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, but it hurts me. From the moment I heard of the horror yesterday morning, it was as if a stone was laid on my heart. I prayed that it wouldn't be one of the friends whom I know are there. I was partially relieved…

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  • Between 'barbarism' and 'exceeding authority'

    Israel lacks laws for trying soldiers for war crimes – and when IDF soldiers commit them, the results are ludicrous charges, indictments and sentences. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz For boys and girls, and we alongside them Actively Or by quiet agreement, Are nudged, mumbling "necessity" and "vengeance" Into becoming war criminals. --Nathan Alterman, "About This" (Al Zot), 1948 During Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip a force of Givati Brigade soldiers seized a position in a house in the Tel AlHawa neighborhood of Gaza City. Two of the soldiers, sergeants first class GA and SA, noticed…

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  • Isolated incident: Soldiers refuse to treat injured Palestinian boy

    Accompanied by a settlement security officer, IDF soldiers abuse a Palestinian boy and avoid giving him proper medical attention. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz One day in May M., a 13-year-old child from the village of Qariut left his school and headed to his father's lands to find out what his chores were for the day. Unfortunately for M., the village’s land borders a plit seized for protecting the settlement of Eli. M. was already used to settlers disrupting his family members while tilling their lands, and he learned to identify the settlement's security personnel. Soon after M.…

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