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  • Druze conscientious objector Omar Sa'ad released from military service

    Six months after he was sentenced to his first prison term for refusing to join the IDF, Druze conscientious objector Omar Sa'ad was released from military service on Wednesday. Sa'ad, an 18-year-old violist from the northern village Maghar, was sentenced to his first term on December 5th, 2013 in the Tiberias induction base. Since then, he was sentenced six more times for a total of 150 days. Sa'ad first stated his intention to refuse in late 2012, when he sent an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which declared his support for Palestinians under occupation, as well as his opposition to…

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  • Why I Refuse: On God/love, nonviolence and the occupation

    'The Occupation is anti-God, anti-Love and staggeringly, constantly violent.' Why I refuse to serve in the IDF. My name is Moriel Zachariah Rothman. I am 23 years old and live in Jerusalem. I lived for most of my life in the United States, but I was born in Jerusalem (and am Jewish) and have thus been an Israeli citizen since birth. As such, I am, like [most] other Israeli Jews, expected to serve in the IDF. I moved back to Jerusalem last year, and I recently received a draft notice from the IDF. After much thinking, wrestling and searching, and…

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