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IDF investigation

  • New videos contradict IDF claims about West Bank killing

    Footage from four separate cameras appears to show Israeli soldiers were not in any danger when they shot a mentally challenged Palestinian man in the back of the head in Tulkarm last week. By +972 Magazine Staff CCTV footage of Israeli soldiers shooting a Palestinian man in the West Bank city of Tulkarm last week appears to contradict the army's claims about the killing. [tmwinpost] The footage, taken from four separate cameras, appears to show that, unlike the army's claims, no clashes were taking place at the time of the shooting, no crowd control measures were used, and that the soldiers were…

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  • No justice for Bil'in Palestinian activist shot dead by Israeli soldier

    Nearly a decade after an Israeli soldier killed Bassem Abu Rahmeh while he was nonviolently protesting in Bil'in, Israel's High Court decides once and for all that his killer will never see the inside of a courtroom. More than nine years after an Israeli soldier killed Palestinian activist Bassem Abu Rahmeh at a protest in Bil’in, Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected a third and final appeal against the army’s refusal to prosecute or punish anyone for his death. [tmwinpost] The court, however, accused military police and prosecutors of handling the case with negligence, particularly for their inability to identify…

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  • License to Kill: Why did Colonel A. order the sniping of Ihab Islim?

    Members of a family are standing on a balcony and chatting. The commander of IDF forces in the region orders snipers to open fire on them. One brother is killed, the other one loses an eye. The commander fails to account for the order in the investigation that ensues. The case is closed, and the commander is promoted. In the following months, other civilians in the region are killed in the exact same manner. No one is found guilty. The third installment of the License to Kill series. [Read part one and two.] By John Brown and Noam Rotem (translated from Hebrew…

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  • When shooting a 14-year-old boy in the neck is a minor infraction

    Firing live ammunition at civilians is a crime, more so when minors are involved. Such an incident should not end with a disciplinary procedure but with a criminal investigation. That is not what happened. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz At the end of last July, J., a boy from the village of Silwad, set out with his brother and two other boys to visit family friends in the western side of Silwad, a distance of about one kilometer from his house. One of the boys was asked to deliver a bundle of clothes to the family. They reached…

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  • Four bullets to the back of the head

    An IDF sharpshooter fired four bullets to the back of Jalal Mahmoud Masri’s head and killed him. The army’s investigators closed the case. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz “The soldier will act in an intelligent and secure manner in all his actions, acknowledging the supreme importance of human life […] the soldier will use his arms and force only for the mission, only in the measure needed, and will maintain humanity even during fighting. The soldier will not use his arms and force to harm non-combatants and prisoners, and will do whatever he can to prevent harm to…

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  • IDF closes investigation into Bil'in killing without indictment

    Four years after Bassem Abu Rahme was killed by a tear gas canister in Bil'in, the Israeli army says there is no evidence to indict. Video footage, however, shows that the tear gas canister was fired directly at him, contravening IDF regulations. Last year a former soldier who served in the same unit said the shooter aimed directly at Abu Rahme and even put an 'X' on his rifle afterward. Nearly five years after Bassem Abu Rahmeh was killed by an Israeli tear gas canister fired directly at his chest during a protest against the wall in Bil'in, Israel's Military…

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