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IDF gunmen

  • License to Kill: Why did Colonel A. order the sniping of Ihab Islim?

    Members of a family are standing on a balcony and chatting. The commander of IDF forces in the region orders snipers to open fire on them. One brother is killed, the other one loses an eye. The commander fails to account for the order in the investigation that ensues. The case is closed, and the commander is promoted. In the following months, other civilians in the region are killed in the exact same manner. No one is found guilty. The third installment of the License to Kill series. [Read part one and two.] By John Brown and Noam Rotem (translated from Hebrew…

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  • What happened to the refugees while the state lied and the court dithered

    How the state lied to the highest court in the land, how the court lapped it up, and who is really guilty here. Last Thursday, says Adv. Omer Shatz of the Anu Plitim (We Are Refugees) NGO, he showed up at the Supreme Court with his colleague, Adv. Yiftah Cohen, to ask for an injunction ordering the 21 refugees caught between the borders of Israel and Egypt to be brought into the country. Surprisingly, he said in a phone conversation, the process went well: the judges asked the state's counsel some difficult questions, at one point asking her whether she would…

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  • IDF soldiers enter village, kill Palestinian in drill gone awry

    Two weeks ago, undercover IDF soldiers carrying out a drill in a Palestinian village in the West Bank killed a resident after several mistook them for burglars and attacked them. Israeli press buried the real story: The fact that the IDF used Palestinians as drill props – and killed one. Ynet sure knows how to bury the lede: They report that a Duvdevan Unit soldier was dismissed from his unit after kicking the face of a handcuffed Palestinian two weeks ago. Such a dismissal, were it attended by several months in prison, would indeed be a proper punishment; but this is…

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  • Palestinians handcuffed, detained for picking wildflowers

    Three Palestinians were detained by IDF gunmen for the crime of picking endangered thistles. Settler riots continue per schedule Last Thursday, IDF gunmen detained three Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, on suspicion of picking an endangered plant, Gundelia tournefortiii. They handcuffed one of the Palestinians, and kept the detainees for about three hours, standing outside in the sun. One of them, aged over 60, felt ill and, after an intervention by the women of Machsom Watch, received medical treatment. The IDF Spokesman did not dispute the facts (Hebrew). Gundelia tournefortii is a thistle, the use of which is popular in…

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