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  • 'I am an Islamophobe,' boasts ex-director of Israel's press office

    The man who once had sole authority to decide whether or not a journalist could work in Israel announces that he is an Islamophobe, thinks 'Arabs lie.' Daniel Seaman, the former director of Israel's Government Press Office, said Thursday during a panel discussion on i24 News, the Israel-based satellite news station, that he is an Islamophobe. Sitting on a three-person panel with Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy and Ruthie Blum of the far-right think tank The Gatestone Institute, Seaman told "Spin Room" anchor and former +972 contributor Ami Kaufman, "The Arabs lie." In response to Kaufman's incredulous, "All Arabs?" Seaman responds, without missing a beat: "It's part of their…

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