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human rights march

  • A week in photos: December 6-12

    Mustafa Tamimi is remembered in Nabi Saleh and Tel Aviv, where thousands marched for human rights; actions for animal and housing rights; an eye on settlement expansion; and more. Activestills images tell the stories of the week.                  

  • Photos: 2012 Human Rights March in Tel Aviv

    On Friday, December 7th, thousands hit the streets of Tel Aviv for the annual Human Rights March, put on by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI). The march gathered more than 130 organizations that promote human rights, social change, equality, and democracy. The march marked International Human Rights Day, which is observed every year on December 10th, the day in which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The event ended in Rabin Square with performances by several Israeli artists and a keynote speech by author and ACRI President Sami Michael.          …

  • IMAGE: Defense Minister Barak and the Human Rights March

    The reality in Israel is loaded with symbolism. This is Defense Minister Ehud Barak observing the Human Rights March - attended by human rights workers, activists, asylum seekers and Palestinians - which passes under him as he watches from his plush residence in one of Tel Aviv's luxury towers.

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  • This Friday, we march for the right 'to be human'

    By Hagai El-Ad One year ago, the words of Avihu Medina echoed from the stage of the Human Rights March in Rabin Square: Lo were I fortunate / to ask for a fate / then I would ask / to be human. We are fortunate indeed, enough to have adopted this very song – "To Be Human" – as the anthem of this year's Human Rights March. The fourth annual March will take place in just a couple of days – this Friday, December 7, in Tel Aviv (for more details in English, please click here). Neta Alkayim will open this year's…

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  • School reprimanded by Education Min. for trip to human rights march

    The Ministry of Education reprimands a school for sending its pupils to the Human Rights March The Ministry of Education sent a reprimand (Hebrew) to the principal of the ‘Ar’ara high school, which sent its pupils to the Human Rights March held earlier this month. The letter sent by the ministry complained, inter alia, that “the pupils were carrying signs against racism, house demolitions, etc., which is contrary to the Director of the Ministry's communiqué.” The ministry further promised an investigation. In the school’s reply, the teachers quoted Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar’s communiqué on the International Human Rights Day: “It…

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  • In West Bank, peaceful Palestinian opposition marches on

    By Raghad Jaraisy (1) The day: December 10, 2009. The time: Somewhere between sunrise and the first pangs of lunchtime hunger. The place: Tel Aviv and A-Nabi Salah – so near and so far. The scene: For the first time, we marched together in a festival of democracy and human rights that occupied the streets of the big city, reverberating in every direction. On the same day, the residents of A-Nabi Salah also attempted to march for the first time to protest the seizure of their land by settlers. While we waved banners and shouted slogans for democracy; while we tried…

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  • In Defense of Winter

    Because no one else does. Just as soon as the Human Rights March came to an end on Friday, a two or three thunderclaps shook the city, and hard rain came down within seconds. Rabin Square, where some 10,000 activists and refugees huddled, emptied in minutes. We did not have enough rain so far, not nearly enough; and Field Marshal Summer, much stronger around these parts than his more famous cousin, General Winter, took his own sweet time departing. Used to be, some 15 to 20 years ago, you could expect rains in mid-September; afterwards, mid-October; but this year we…

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  • Disconnect: Int'l Human Rights Day in Tel Aviv versus the W. Bank

    Before the first heavy rains hit Israel yesterday, thousands people gathered in central Tel Aviv to mark international Human Rights Day. The occasion brought together various Israeli NGOs and thousands of concerned citizens in the spirit of presenting a face of Israel that supports human rights and progressive values. Placards were carried through the streets supporting gay rights, woman’s rights, African refugees rights and, also, coexistence between Jews and Arabs. Police lined the streets of the demonstration to ensure the safety of the protesters and keep confrontation with the right wing counter protesters at bay (one has to hand it…

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  • We are a public: TLV human rights march impressions

    In a way, it was like a Friday afternoon family gathering -  complete with the annoying relatives. Yes, the provocateurs were there. I saw them in the distance upon arrival: a cluster of Israeli flags. At first I failed to recognize them. The Israeli flag has not yet been entirely confiscated by the fascist right. There were a few of them flown nearby, by such Zionist-left entities as the Meretz political party. Those distant flags, however, belonged to "Im Tirzu". A highly chauvinistic group of the Israeli extreme right who opted to join the march and claim "rights for Israelis".…

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  • Marching for human rights in Israel

    As the date of Israel’s second annual Human Rights March approaches (Friday, 10 December), the writer, who is the executive director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), lists the many blows Israel’s democratic society has suffered over the past year - and explains why he remains hopeful. By Hagai El-Ad One year ago, when we came together to organize Israel's first Human Rights March, we did so under the banner “No Way!” The message was clear – there was no way we would accept the continued deterioration of our democracy, human rights violations, the ever-widening social gaps,…

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