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  • The man who helped build Israel's legal infrastructure of oppression

    Aharon Barak says he is concerned about Israeli democracy, but he bears responsibility for no small part of where the country is today. By Hagai El-Ad Former Chief Justice Aharon Barak is completely at peace with his ruling on targeted assassinations. On a recent episode of an Israeli investigative TV program, he went so far as to brag about its impact: “By the way, my judgment is taught all over the world.” [tmwinpost] Clearly, Barak takes pride in his judgments resonating around the world. When it comes to his own voice and words, the question of “why take it abroad?”…

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  • 'The law is what keeps the edifice of occupation from crashing down'

    Michael Sfard has spent the past two decades fighting the occupation in Israeli courts. His new book dissects the moral dilemmas of engaging with the occupation's legal system, its role in making the status quo sustainable, and why, despite it all, he remains optimistic that Israel's military rule over the Palestinians will end. By Yossi Gurvitz "The Wall and the Gate: Israel, Palestine, and the Legal Battle for Human Rights", by Michael Sfard, Metropolitan Books, 2018, 528 pages. Michael Sfard is one of the preeminent human rights lawyers in Israel today, where for the past two decades, he has confronted the occupation on its own…

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