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  • Israel's housing policy for Arabs is designed to fail

    Israel’s housing system is not 'failing' its Palestinian citizens. It is working exactly as it was intended: to minimize Arab lands in order to maximize Jewish communities. Half an hour north of Tel Aviv stand several hills offering a natural panoramic view of the bustling Arab towns of Taibeh and Tira, their congested neighborhoods, and their narrow roads and alleys. Surrounding the towns are the smaller and orderly Jewish villages and farming communities of Sha’ar Efraim, Sde Warburg, Ramat Hakovesh, and others. The hilltops used to be empty; now they are home to high-rise apartments of the new Jewish town…

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  • WATCH: No to ‘settlements’ in Jaffa

    A developer wants to evict 12 Palestinian families in order to build a Jewish-only luxury housing project in Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood. Can we call it a settlement, or is it just gentrification? Related: Gentrification leaves one Jaffa family caged in their own home Arabs and Jews come together to oppose gentrification in Jaffa WATCH: Violent eviction of Palestinian family from Jaffa home

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  • Poverty kills: Survival and struggle in 'the other Israel'

    No matter how much I look, I never seem to find any news items about those whom Israeli society sacrifices on a daily basis, slowly, until they turn to dust. By Yael Cohen-Rimer (translated by Yudit Ilani and Shaked Spier) She is somewhere outside, the 13-year-old girl who was sent by welfare services to step over the dried blood at the entrance to the building floor. This blood reminds her of her mother, who jumped out of the front window about a week ago. So far, no one from the welfare services has come to talk with the girl or…

  • PHOTOS: Working class neighborhood takes to TA streets ahead of evictions

    On the eve of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, 20 families are expected to be evicted from their homes in the Givat Amal neighborhood without just compensation. Neighborhood residents and supporters took to the streets in north Tel Aviv and blocked main roads to protest the imminent eviction. Photos and text: Keren Manor/Activestills Residents and supporters of the embattled north Tel Aviv neighborhood of Givat Amal gathered on Monday to demonstration against the feared impending eviction of 20 families. The families, whose homes sit on land purchased by Israeli tycoon Yitzhak Tshuva, are in danger of immediate eviction next…

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  • Israel's economy has problems, but a bubble ain't one

    The concern sparked by claims of an economic bubble in Israel are not supported by data, and could lead to a harmful consequences if interest rates rise and exchange rates are adversely affected. A response to Jesse Colombo in Forbes. In an article recently published on, Jesse Colombo argues that "Israel’s economic boom is not the miracle that it appears to be, but is actually another bubble that is similar to those that caused the financial crisis." The article has been widely cited, both in Israel and abroad. Worrying about an economic bubble neatly dovetails with Israelis' characteristic eschatological…

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  • Gentrification leaves one Jaffa family caged in their own home

    Ismail Shawa never expected that a new luxury apartment building would have such an immediate and dramatic effect on his family's life -- that was until contractors sealed off the entrance to their home with a concrete wall, effectively trapping them inside. By Yudit Ilany To exit or enter his Jaffa home, Ismail Shawa, 62, has to remove the bars from his bedroom window and climb out and over the neighbor’s water pipes. He still has to cross a yard that doesn’t belong to him but for the time being, no has told him not to. The other option is…

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  • A week in photos: November 1-6

    Protests in Nabi Saleh, Ma'asara and Kfer Qaddum; Beit Arabiya is demolished; arrest raid on remaining South Sudanese refugess in Israel; and more. Activestills images tell the stories of the week.                    

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  • Photo essay: The People's Court for Public Housing in Israel

    Text by Miryam Wijler Photos by Activestills Some 150 people gathered yesterday, October 3, in the city of Bat Yam, Israel, to take part in the first "People's Court for Public Housing." People's Courts are a civilian tool, used all over the world when the formal legal systems fail to provide justice for those who suffer from  power relations in society. It’s the first time such a court is convened in Israel, and the defendants on trial were those responsible for the deliberate destruction of the public housing system over the past three decades. The prosecutors and witnesses in this…