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housing crisis

  • In response to damning housing report, Netanyahu demands Israelis think about Iran

    What do you do when facing backlash from all sides of the political spectrum? Blame it on the Ayatollah. A much-anticipated housing report published Wednesday evening by State Comptroller Yosef Shapira blamed the Netanyahu government for failing to properly deal with the rising costs of housing in Israel. According to Shapira, poor government planning and disregard for the middle class played key roles in creating the current severe housing crisis in Israel, which could lead to the disappearance of the middle class and eventually have a devastating impact on the entire economy, he says. Netanyahu's failure, says the report, mainly…

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  • Israel's economy has problems, but a bubble ain't one

    The concern sparked by claims of an economic bubble in Israel are not supported by data, and could lead to a harmful consequences if interest rates rise and exchange rates are adversely affected. A response to Jesse Colombo in Forbes. In an article recently published on, Jesse Colombo argues that "Israel’s economic boom is not the miracle that it appears to be, but is actually another bubble that is similar to those that caused the financial crisis." The article has been widely cited, both in Israel and abroad. Worrying about an economic bubble neatly dovetails with Israelis' characteristic eschatological…

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  • Social, environmental shortcomings cast shadow over Lapid's housing plan

    In his attempt to tackle the housing crisis that is largely responsible for his rise to power, Finance Minister Lapid fails to address affordable and public housing, and is setting himself up for a battle with environmental groups. By Jesse Fox Late last month, Finance Minister Yair Lapid made a dramatic announcement: Israel’s government, he said, would encourage construction of some 150,000 long-term rental apartments over the next decade. “We have a national emergency,” he explained, “which threatens an entire generation of young people, who fear they will never have an apartment.” The announcement came after the first meeting of…

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