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  • What happened to the refugees while the state lied and the court dithered

    How the state lied to the highest court in the land, how the court lapped it up, and who is really guilty here. Last Thursday, says Adv. Omer Shatz of the Anu Plitim (We Are Refugees) NGO, he showed up at the Supreme Court with his colleague, Adv. Yiftah Cohen, to ask for an injunction ordering the 21 refugees caught between the borders of Israel and Egypt to be brought into the country. Surprisingly, he said in a phone conversation, the process went well: the judges asked the state's counsel some difficult questions, at one point asking her whether she would…

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  • What the Adnan affair tells us about the occupation

    The Khader Adnan hunger strike affair showed the true face of all of the Israelis involved in the occupation, from its enablers in the courts to the Israeli mob. Khader Adnan became a Palestinian national hero two days ago, and rightly so. He brought the Netanyahu government, as well as the Israeli apparatus of darkness (as Uri Avneri called it in the 1950s) to its knees. In a hastily-convened hearing in the High Court of Justice (HCJ), the prosecution offered Adnan’s lawyers a classic saving-face deal: Adnan will be discharged on April 17 at the latest, the same day his administrative detention…

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  • Supreme Court's latest decisions inch towards West Bank annexation

    The country's highest court supports Israel's right to despoil the West Bank – but won’t allow its residents to marry Israelis About two weeks ago, the Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, rejected an appeal by the Yesh Din NGO against the activities of quarries in the West Bank. Such quarrying seems to contradict international law, which forbids the exploitation of the resources of an occupied territory. The High Court, led by outgoing President Dorit Beinisch, rejected the appeal, citing some pretty strange reasons (read the decision in full here). One was that the quarrying has been…

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  • Israeli "liberals" make light of sexual assault and assassinations by the IDF

    In one day, Israel's most liberal newspaper made light of sexual assault in the IDF, and the country's most liberal institution, the High Court of Justice, made light of its own rulings in regards to IDF assassinations Amos Harel, a senior Ha'aretz reporter, writes [Heb] about the aftermath of Yoav Galant's botched appointment to IDF Chief of Staff: Netanyahu and Barak emphasize that careful scrutiny will be required into the past conduct of the candidates [for IDF Chief Staff position]. Perhaps they cheated on high school exam, perhaps they scratched a neighboring car in the parking lot and did not…

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