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havat maon

  • To avoid settlers, the Israeli army escorts these Palestinian schoolchildren

    For the past 15 years, soldiers have escorted the children of A-Tuba in the South Hebron Hills to their school in order to protect them from settler violence. This is what their daily journey looks like. By Yuval Abraham Issa is on his way to his first day of first grade. His head bops up and down from behind his SpongeBob SquarePants backpack, which is a few sizes too large for him. We walk along a rocky path near the village of A-Tuba in the West Bank’s South Hebron Hills. “I’m 25,” he says when I ask him how old…

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  • 'Spilling enemy blood is allowed': After settler attack, Israeli activists speak out

    Four left-wing Israeli activists were taken to a hospital after being violently attacked by settlers in the West Bank on Saturday. Violence by settlers against activists has grown more common over the past few months, yet it seems the authorities are doing very little to stop it. When I heard the initial reports that settlers from the illegal outpost of Mitzpe Yair, in the south Hebron Hills, violently attacked a group of left-wing Israeli activists, I remembered the briefing I underwent in that exact same spot two years ago. “Be very careful,” one of the activists told me. “The settlers can come out…

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  • Israeli forces raid Palestinian-Jewish protest camp for third time in 10 days

    Israeli soldiers and police officers showed up at the Sumud Freedom Camp in the south Hebron hills on Monday morning, confiscating and destroying property and detaining three Palestinian activists. Israeli soldiers and Border Police raided the Sumud Freedom Camp in the south Hebron hills for the third time on Monday morning, destroying and confiscating property and detaining three Palestinian activists. The anti-occupation encampment, built and inhabited by Palestinians, Israelis and diaspora Jews, had already been torn down twice in the past 10 days. [tmwinpost] Israeli forces damaged and confiscated two tents, along with items such as mattresses, water and generator…

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  • WATCH: Masked settlers throw stones at Israeli activists

    Incident comes one week after six-year-old girl was wounded by stone-throwing in the exact same location. Settlers from the illegal outpost Havat Maon in the southern West Bank hurled rocks at a group of Israeli activists on Saturday, just one week after a six-year old Palestinian girl was attacked and wounded in her head in the exact same place. Three settlers, who appear to be quite young, used slingshots to hurl stones at the group of activists. No one was hurt in the incident. In the video, you can hear Guy, a documentarian of the occupation and veteran activist from Ta'ayush,…

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  • Settlers attack, wound six-year-old Palestinian girl

    West Bank settlers attacked a six-year-old Palestinian girl with rocks in the South Hebron Hills on Saturday, wounding her in the head, according to Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem. The girl was wounded after a group of masked settlers threw rocks at her near the entrance to the illegal outpost of Havat Maon, said B'Tselem. She was also lightly injured in her leg as she attempted to flee. B'Tselem reported that Israeli police took the girl and her father to a local station to file a complaint, and that she was treated at a local clinic for her wounds. The…

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  • WATCH: IDF turns blind eye to settlers throwing stones at Israeli activists

    On Saturday, a group of Israeli activists came under attack from masked settlers who used slingshots to hurl stones at them while they walked between Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills, close to the illegal outpost of Havat Maon. According to the Israeli Ta'ayush activist who filmed the video, they immediately called the police upon seeing the settlers, but in the meantime, an army jeep appeared, and did nothing. "The settlers were not intimidated at all by the arrival of the soldiers and the soldiers did not arrest them or even try to establish their identity," he said. The activists…

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  • WATCH: Olive trees destroyed by settlers in South Hebron Hills

    Ta'ayush activists found 10 mature olive trees mangled on Saturday in an olive grove belonging to Palestinians from the village of at-Tuwani, in the South Hebron Hills. The settlers are from the illegal outpost of Havat Maon, a place known for settler violence and harassment. This 3-minute video taken by an Israeli Ta'ayush activist speaks for itself. It surveys the devastation caused to an entire grove of olive trees, which constitutes the livelihood of the Palestinian residents of the area. Such an act is not only an intentional blow to their income and basic welfare, but a total lack of…

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  • PHOTOS: Settlers march through Palestinian village

    On Friday morning, a group of Israeli settlers entered the West Bank Palestinian village of At-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills. The settlers, who were escorted by the Israeli military, marched through the village in what seemed to be an attempt to intimidate and provoke Palestinian residents. Several of the settlers were armed According to Operation Dove, several Israeli military vehicles parked outside of At-Tuwani's entrance around 10:30 am. Dozens of settlers from the illegal settlement of Havat Maon arrived on foot around noon. They entered the village soon after and were escorted by the Israeli army. Settlers trampled on…

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