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Hassan al-Kurd

  • Everywhere you go in Gaza, you see people wounded in the Return March

    Hasan al-Kurd, one of the organizers of last year's Great March of Return in Gaza, says the protests gave people in Gaza a reason to live. In a frank interview, he talks about the shocking number of casualties, how Hamas took over the nonviolent initiative, and what he would do differently today. “This is kind of like our anniversary,” I say to Hasan al-Kurd, one of the organizers of the Great March of Return in Gaza. “It is,” al-Kurd chuckles, “I never expected that we’d still be going for a full year.” The first time Hasan and I spoke was…

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  • As Gaza Return March protests dwindle, threat of war between Israel and Hamas looms

    Three months after the start of the Great Return March protests, a military confrontation between Israel and Hamas appears increasingly likely. +972 talks to two of the protests' organizers about the challenges facing the burgeoning yet beleaguered non-violent movement in Gaza. By Meron Rapoport It has been nearly three months since the Great Return March protests in Gaza began. In the days leading up to the first protest on March 30, one of the organizers, Hassan al-Kurd, stressed that the demonstrations would be non-violent. “We are against throwing rocks and even burning tires,” he said. “The message we want to…

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