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  • Women's exclusion comes from the top

    Behind the rhetorical condemnations of women's exclusion, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz are at least partially responsible for women's exclusion.  Discrimination and marginalization of women in the public sphere has been fermenting for years as a direct result of Israeli policies - or lack thereof. By Gil Gan Mor Israel's political leaders are concerned – and justifiably so – with the  recent incidents of exclusion and humiliation of women in the name of ultra-Orthodox Judaism. For example the incident of a women who refused to move after Haredi passengers demanded that she sit at the back…

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  • 4,000 protest Haredi gender-segregation in Beit Shemesh

    This post was written by Dahlia Scheindlin, Ami Kaufman, and Yossi Gurvitz About 4,000 people demonstrated in Beit Shemesh on Tuesday evening, including a parade of politicians from a spectrum of left and right parties, both secular and religious, to protest what is perceived as the “Haredization,” of the city, a takeover by the ultra-orthodox. The immediate events sparking the protests were a series of incidents highlighting gender discrimination – a group of Haredim spitting on an eight-year old religious girl, and the struggle over gender-segregated (women in the back) buses in Jerusalem; and more broadly, the exclusion of women…

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  • WATCH: Ultra-Orthodox spit on “immodest” 8-year-old girl in Beit Shemesh

    Since this news report last Friday, about a little girl from Beit Shemesh, secular-religious relations seem to be the only thing Israelis are talking about Naama Margolis, an 8-year-old from Bet Shemesh, is the most famous girl in Israel today. In fact, nobody can stop talking about her. And why is that? Well, on Friday evening, Naama told her story on the most watched news show in the country. Interviewed by Channel 2’s Shai Gal, Naama told how she was afraid to go to school, just a few hundred meters from her house in Bet Shemesh, because Haredim cursed and…

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