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Har homa

  • A real alternative? Tzipi Livni is far worse than Netanyahu

    Despite her direct responsibility for two wars which took the lives of 2,000 civilians, and her uncompromising, hawkish positions during negotiations with the Palestinians, Tzipi Livni is still considered an acceptable choice for the Israeli 'peace camp.' It is time for the public to stop believing the lies.  By Idan Landau On November 27, 2012, Tzipi Livni announced that she will be running for the upcoming elections as part of the newly-foundd Hatnua party, which presents itself as a diplomatic alternative to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The party seeks to promote the peace processs wth Palestinian Authority and supports two…

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  • Cut off from communities, Palestinian families seek mercy from Israeli court

    The separation barrier has isolated two families living near Bethlehem from their communities. While they are on the Jerusalem side of the barrier, they are also banned from most of the city. The courts and the state have little sympathy. By Ehud Uziel "Nu, when is this case going to end? It's been dragging on since 2006." With these words, Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein convened a hearing on the lives of the Zawahreh and Jado families on Monday morning, November 19, 2012.  Throughout the hearing, I wondered whether the justices were aware of Kafka's presence in the courtroom. They…

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  • Ch. 2 accuses Fatah leader of extremism by misquoting him

    Yesterday, I reported on Fatah's Christmas celebration in Bethlehem.  Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, a Fatah Central Committee member, spoke about his concern regarding the growth of settlements in the West Bank. He specifically referred to the Har Homa settlement, which is encroaching on the land of the town of Beit Sahour, east of Bethlehem. Israeli Channel 2 reported the event, but distorted Dr. Shtayyeh's comments, in an article published in Hebrew, titled "Fatah leader: No difference between Ramallah and Jaffa," which claimed that Shtayyeh proclaimed, "There is no reason to distinguish between Ramallah and Jaffa," meaning - the two cities belong…

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