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Halachic law

  • A call to support the Orthodox majority opposing extremism

    In the struggle within the Orthodox Jewish community between reactionaries who use Judaism as a weapon against democracy, and modernists whose worldview is based on integrating the two, the reactionaries have been the dominant voice - but the silent majority is starting to raise its own. By Rachel Liel It cannot be easy to be a modern Orthodox Jew in Israel today, not when leading voices in the community are calling for Israel to reject the modern, democratic world. The latest such declaration came from Benny Katsover, an “elder statesman” of the West Bank settler movement. “The main role of…

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  • Israeli racist rabbis not afraid of the law

    Fifty rabbis demand Jews will not rent apartments to gentiles - and the law seems to defend them. Fifty Israeli rabbis, mostly municipal chief rabbis – that is, officials drawing their salary from public funds – published this morning a psak, religious ruling, forbidding Jews to rent or sell apartments to Arabs. One of them, Ashdod’s Chief Rabbi Yossef Sheinin, openly said what I’ve been writing for years: that Jewish racism originates in Jewish law. Shlomo Aviner, one of the most prominent of the settlements’ rabbis – famous for his misogyny (he ruled that, in case of danger, a man…

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