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hagit ofran

  • Despite denials, JNF to continue eviction effort of J'lem Palestinians

    A recent comment by the Jewish National Fund makes it clear that previous statements by its US office were lies This post was updated. The Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF), one of the most respected and well-known institutions in Zionist history, has become involved in a controversy over the attempted evacuation of an East Jerusalem family from its home. After denying its major part in the affair, the JNF has now gone back to threatening legal action against the Sumarin family, unless all family members leave their home in Silwan immediately. Over the last two decades, Silwan, the biggest Palestinian neighborhood…

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  • "Jewish Terrorism" pays - illegal outpost evacuation postponed

    Haaretz reports today that the state will postpone the dismantling of the West Bank settlement outpost known as Givat Assaf, close to Beit El – never mind that the government has yet to bother cooking up any new excuses for doing so. Haaretz explains that following a 2007 petition to the High Court of Justice by Peace Now against six settlements in the area, the state has been evading dismantling the outposts with various claims (‘wait! we’re negotiating with them’). After a Court injunction, the outposts were supposed to have been either legalized or evacuated by the end of the…

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  • More "price tag" attacks against Peace Now

    UPDATE: Just one day after a bomb threat targeted Peace Now offices in Jerusalem, the building of Hagit Ofran, the organization’s “Settlement Watch” director, was vandalized in another “Price Tag” attack. Perpetrators late Monday night spray-painted her stairwell with the words "Hagit Ofran, ZL" (an acronym used for the deceased, literally translating to “of blessed memory”); “Rabin is waiting for you,” referring to slain prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, whose assassination at the hands of a settler was commemorated this week; and references to illegal settler outposts slated for demolition. A car parked outside the building but not belonging to Ofran…

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