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habima square

  • 'World's largest Arabic lesson': A rebuke to the Jewish Nation-State law

    Thousands of Israelis attend the event, billed as the world's largest Arabic lesson, in protest of a new nationalist law that excludes Palestinian citizens of Israel from the national identity and demotes Arabic from its status as an official language. Thousands of Jewish and Palestinian Israelis took part in what was billed as the “biggest Arabic lesson in the world” in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square Monday evening, an event organized to protest Israel's new Jewish Nation-State Law, which stripped Arabic of its status as an official language in the country. [tmwinpost] The event, organized by a number of coexistence and peace…

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  • 'Pay the price for peace': Israelis demand ceasefire

    Some 400 protesters gathered in Tel Aviv Saturday night to protest against the war in Gaza, calling for an end to the blockade of the Strip and the Israeli occupation in general. The protest was organized by the the Coalition of Women for Peace and the socialist Da'am Workers Party. The protest was set to take place in Habima Square in central Tel Aviv, however police prevented the demonstration from taking place there and moved it to a nearby street. During the protest a rocket was fired from Gaza toward Tel Aviv and intercepted by the Iron Dome. The protesters chanted…

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  • Divided society, divided protests

    Two separate protests were held Saturday night in Tel Aviv, in a bizarre drama that split the ritual Saturday evening demonstrations into two ragged parts, with each group claiming to represent the true social justice movement. Both struggled to generate their own energy as if the other didn't exist, though one city block alone separated the two events. At one point members of one demonstration burst into the other, staging a counter-protest. The attendees' attention was clearly divided between addressing the range of policy injustices, and each other. One demonstration had no clear leader; it began at Habima Square, and…

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